How to paint a t-shirt: five ideas

How to paint a t-shirt: five ideas

1. Abstraction


Abstraction in the spirit of pseudo-batik. Twist the T-shirt into a knot, roll it up into a roll or turn it out as if squeezing it after washing, and soak it in this form with different colors of paint for the batik. When you unfold it, there will be symmetrical color patterns across its surface.


You can wrap a T-shirt with salt, ribbon or cord - this will make the patterns even more diverse.


2. Drawing: contour and markers


A clear pattern can be applied either with paints using an acrylic contour or with markers. There are markers for dark fabric, but as a rule, few of them give a bright and well-noticeable color; if your shirt is light colors - you can choose and markers, and colors, if dark - it is better to stop on the paints.


Acrylic contours are sold in small comfortable tubes, they can be drawn, including when the fabric is stretched vertically. The line turns out to be very thin, although less accurate than when drawing with a marker, because all the time you need to press on the tube with equal force.


Prepare a sketch of the future drawing. Then pull the T-shirt on a flat surface - for example, an ironing board, placing a piece of paper under the front of the shirt. Transfer the design from the sketch to the T-shirt with a simple pencil or tailor’s chalk (if the fabric is dark). Then gently circle it with a contour, and then, if you want, paint it with regular acrylic.


When painting with acrylics large surfaces, they are somewhat hardened, as when gluing a film on a fabric.


How to paint a t-shirt: five ideas


3. Stencil


If you like pop art style, concise images and strict lines, the stencil will be a good choice. Make a sketch of the picture for the T-shirt on a thin cardboard. Choose the theme and everything else to your taste - it can be anything from an inscription to a human silhouette, but remember that this drawing will need to be cut out, and, in fact, the cut part will be that “mold” for paint, which will be printed on a t-shirt. Figure should be solid, without jumpers.


Cut the finished drawing with a stationery knife, put it on the T-shirt and paint the whole sheet with paint (one or several), then remove it - the paint will fall only on the empty space of the stencil.


You can also make a reverse stencil - then put on a t-shirt, not a sheet with a hole, but the cut out part, the drawing itself, and paint over so that the paint goes 2-3 cm beyond the borders of the cardboard. You get a spot of paint with a clear silhouette of the same color as the rest of the T-shirt.


How to paint a t-shirt: five ideas


4. Imitation of a suit


Paint a T-shirt with paints or felt-tip pens, making it a copy of a suit with a shirt, for example, like in comic book or movie heroes. Say, you can put a thin strip on a dark gray T-shirt, draw a lapel and a pseudo-pocket rectangle on the left, a buttonhole with the same red flower, and you will have a classic 1920s gangster costume.


5. Drawing through the whole T-shirt


It is not necessary to place the picture strictly on the front side of the shirt. Much prettier looks image, stretching through the fabric. This can be used in the “volumetric” image: for example, if you draw a fox on a T-shirt, its hind legs and body part can be placed on the back, the front ones will “lean” on the shoulder, and the front ones will be drawn on the face of A lush tail will cover the entire bottom edge.


The beast - of course, not necessarily a fox - can be styled as Celtic or Polynesian ornaments, which will make it possible to make a few more “overlaps” of the pattern from the front of the T-shirt, twist the collar and activate the sleeves.

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