How to overcome guilt feelings?

Negative feelings and emotions spoil life, so you need to get rid of them. Is it possible to overcome the feeling of guilt?

What is this feeling?

What is wine? This is a negative and negative feeling that arises in a person and, as a rule, is caused by some of his actions that have hurt other people. It is not always that such an act really leads to negative consequences for third parties, but the person who committed it can still consider that he did it badly. In addition, such unpleasant consequences can extend to his own life, which will lead to feelings of guilt over himself.

Wines can be justified, that is, arisen because of real negative events, or unjustified and imaginary, imposed by someone or unfounded. One way or another, this feeling will make you worry a lot and reproach yourself. But in some cases it is useful, as it encourages the guilty to correct errors and good deeds.

Possible reasons

Causes of feelings of guilt may be different:

  • Really perfect bad deed. Most people who commit bad deeds feel guilty, which is due to many factors, such as moral norms, religion, life principles, and a sense of responsibility. A person understands that he did wrong, realizes his mistake and has remorse.
  • Violation of prohibitions or rules. This reason is common among children, as well as people who are strongly influenced by someone else's opinion. If one person can go against the rules, hide it and safely forget, then another will consider such a deviation from the rules as wrong and extremely negative.
  • Awareness of the wrong life, protest against himself. In this case, you may face guilt before yourself, for example, for committed or, on the contrary, imperfect acts, for some qualities or character traits, and so on. That is, a feeling arises without a real third-party cause and any influence.
  • Unjustified expectations or non-compliance with someone's requirements.
  • Imperfect deed that could be helpful.
  • Suggestion of guilt from the side.In this situation, the fault can be shifted or invented by someone. And it is especially easy to instill a sense in people who are suspicious, modest and not having their own opinion.
  • Character traits. Some people feel guilty very often or even almost constantly, due to their individual characteristics. If a person is sentimental, suspicious and subject to influence from outside, then he will project any negative situations onto himself, finding in them a share of his guilt.

How to cope with this feeling?

How to get rid of a strong sense of guilt? Sometimes this is not easy, because the degree of emotion can be extremely high. But still you can try to defeat this unpleasant feeling.

Some useful recommendations:

  1. Analyze the situation in order to understand whether the feeling is justified, that is, is it really your fault. First, select all the facts that directly depended on you. Then list the extraneous negative factors, that is, everything that you simply could not influence. Perform a comparative analysis and determine whether it is worth worrying. If your fault is there, draw conclusions and learn a life lesson.If the experiences are in vain, then realize this as soon as possible and get rid of the negative.
  2. Turn on the logic: try to figure out or at least assume how events would develop if you acted differently. Think really and soberly, do not feed vain hopes and do not endow yourself with supernormal abilities. Probably, even under a different set of circumstances, everything would be the same or even worse, so it makes no sense to blame yourself. If a different outcome of events, in your opinion, should have become more favorable, then find out what prevented you from doing otherwise.
  3. To calm down, try to correct the mistakes that have been made, which have led to negative consequences.
  4. Ask for forgiveness from the person who was injured. Do it sincerely and heartily, confessing everything and telling about your experiences. Surely the one whom you made to suffer will understand and forgive you, as a result of which it will become easier for you.
  5. It is equally important to learn to forgive yourself. This is not easy, especially for self-critical people who are prone to introspection. And yet you need to understand that there are no ideal people, and absolutely everyone is mistaken, therefore your mistake is excusable, especially if it is insignificant.
  6. If the fault is real, and there is no way to rectify the situation, then just accept the situation and understand that your feeling is negative, destroying you from the inside. Realize that emotions are vain and meaningless, so the best way out is to suppress or replace them. Try to distract, change the situation, get a vivid impression.
  7. To overcome the feeling of guilt, you can direct your emotions in a positive direction. If you cannot apologize to the one who suffered because of you and correct the mistakes, then try to start doing good deeds for the sake of others and for the good of society. You can join the ranks of volunteers, make a donation to a charity fund, begin to provide assistance to the needy, and so on. Good deeds gradually drown out the guilt and make you in your own eyes a normal person, not a villain.
  8. Try talking to someone and talk about your experiences. Often people feel guilt who keep everything in themselves and thereby literally destroying themselves from the inside. But if you share the problem, you can relieve tension and get the effect of some confession outside the church (by the way, visiting the priest can help believers and religious people).And even better to ask for advice: a look from the outside is more objective and fresh, so the other person can change your attitude to the situation and help you understand a lot.
  9. If the feeling of guilt is very strong and does not leave you, forcing you to experience stress and spoiling life, then it makes sense to turn to a specialist. An experienced psychologist will help you understand the situation and understand your feelings. Having said everything and assessing the events, you will be able to look at them completely differently, realizing that everything is not as bad as it may seem at first glance. And even if everything is really sad, a specialist will help you change attitudes to the situation and tune in to positive thoughts.

Let the above tips help you overcome your feelings of guilt as soon as possible. Get rid of him so as not to spoil your life, go ahead and do more good deeds!

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