How to overclock the monitor

You will need
  • - SiSoft Sandra.
Start by finding out the settings for the video card and monitor. In this case, it is necessary to determine not the nominal performance, but the characteristics with which these devices can operate. Download and install SiSoft Sandra. You can use another utility to collect information, but make sure that it provides accurate information.
Open the Video System Information menu. Find out the modes with which your monitor and video adapter can work together. Find the mode you want to use. Open the properties of the screen by right-clicking on the desktop. Make sure that this mode cannot be installed by standard means.
Press the key combination Win and R. In the field that opens, type Regedit and press Enter. After opening the registry branches, go to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE System CursorControSet Services directory. Find the Class branch and select the Display folder.
Examine the contents of the Modes directory. Select the color saturation and screen resolution. Find the “Default” parameter and assign additional frequency values ​​for it.screen updates. Save the registry configuration.
Reopen the properties of the screen and select a new mode of operation of the device. If you want to set a large color depth for a specific resolution, then create an additional directory, for example, 1600, 1200, in the desired branch. Copy the data from a similar directory with a smaller color depth into it.
If an error occurs during the overclocking process, then restart the computer in the safe mode of the OS. Cancel changes to registry settings. Reload normal mode and try using different settings for the monitor.

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