How to organize your own business

You will need
  • - registration of a legal entity;
  • - business plan;
  • - marketing plan.
Think over the direction for your own business. Get permits, without it entrepreneurial activity is prohibited at the legislative level. Make a business plan that includes the descriptive, production, financial and marketing parts. In particular, describe in detail the product or service that you are going to offer, the consumer audience - its demographic composition and preferences, why this audience should buy exactly your product.
It is mandatory to display the market situation: the state of the market, in more detail - the chosen industry, and also describe the main competitors. The following scheme is recommended for this description: the name of the organization, how many years it has been on the market, what assets it owns, how much it is in the interest of Central Asia, due to which this demand exists.
Rent an office or premises. The requirements for them depend solely on the specifics of your business. In some cases, a room of 10-15 square meters is enough, located in a typical business center. Other business options require large areas, project approval and obtaining permits. By the way, clarify whether your business does not need licensing.
Hire staff. When composing the staff list and deciding which positions and in which composition to reflect in it, be guided by the description of the main business processes. Relatively speaking, someone has to develop an idea of ​​a product, someone has to make a budget, produce, advertise, search for sales, count taxes, etc. For each position, write a qualification characteristic in which you reflect all the competencies, requirements and duties that are attributed to a potential employee. Do not seek to use standard job descriptions - they do not reflect the current state of affairs, because were drawn up for a long time and also under the abstract business.
Start production or test the service.After making sure that everything works as it should, proceed with the promotion. As a rule, small enterprises often use local advertising - for example, they place it in regional newspapers, bulletin boards, etc. This is a rational grain, but everything depends on the concentration of the audience for which your product is intended. For example, if you open a tailoring shop for chihuahua, it is pointless to advertise an enterprise in regional newspapers. Your potential consumers are very wealthy girls and young ladies who read mostly glamor magazines. In general, the main requirement for advertising sites - they should be of interest to future buyers or customers.

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