How to open a bank account in 2018

You will need
  • - passport;
  • - personal visit to the bank;
  • - money for the first installment, if required, or the amount of the deposit;
  • - additional documents identifying you and confirming your solvency, if a credit product is issued.
After you have chosen a bank and one or another of its products related to opening an account, during business hours, contact its nearest branch (branch, office) that works with individuals. Tell the operator about your desire to have a specific product or ask them to advise you on possible options. Ask all the questions that were left unclear for you during the preliminary collection of information (for example, on the bank’s website).
Ask for familiarization of the standard text of the contract regarding the product of interest (current account, deposit, loan, etc.) and bank rates for everything related to its service.Pay special attention to written in small print. Ask for clarification if something is not clear.
If you have not found contraindications to the use of the selected product, you can proceed to the registration of relations with the bank.
If you do not apply for a loan, all you need from your documents is a passport. If you wish to borrow from the bank, employees will usually want to see an additional document (driver's license, passport, TIN certificate, etc., most often one choice) and proof of income (certificate of work in form 2NDFL, arbitrary or in the form of the bank, the history of receipts to accounts in other banks and under., other options are possible depending on the policy of the bank).
An additional condition for opening an account can be the deposit of a certain amount of money on it: the minimum balance, the annual maintenance fee (or issuance of a bank card) or just the minimum down payment. When you open a deposit (this is the name of the account to which you deposit free money transferred to the bank for temporary use for interest), depending on its conditions, the entire amount is deposited or the first payment is not less than a certain amount.
Upon completion of all formalities, the account is open.

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