How to make the office more comfortable

Big mug. Any working day will fly faster if you have a cup of hot tea on hand. Especially it is useful at lunchtime, but in the usual time, you can sip an invigorating drink from time to time.
Note paper. A block of paper, stickers, stickers on which you can make small notes. All this makes life easier in the office, and makes the workplace more comfortable. On multi-colored stickers you can make a plan for the day, and stick it in a prominent place. Thanks to this, you will be less distracted, and a reminder of important and urgent tasks will always hang before your eyes. And beautiful colors will help to dispel the routine of everyday life.
Couple of family photos. Place on the table a frame with photos of your close people - parents, child, husband, loved one or friends. Even in the most difficult moment, when everything falls out of your hands, you can cast a glance at the smiling faces of loved ones and feel their support.
A pot with a small flower.With it, you can not only make your office more comfortable, but also improve your well-being. The main thing is to choose the right plant, for example, cacti absorb electromagnetic radiation, and geranium calms the nerves.
A small magazine in the drawer. Leave at work what you can do in your free time. Any magazine that will give the head a little rest from constant employment. Or a fiction book that you can look through at lunchtime. Tearing off from work for a little rest, which is not related to your work, you seem to reboot the brain and it is ready to work again.
Candies. Keep a small supply of candy or other sweets in reserve. First, you can always cheer yourself up with a tasty snack. Secondly, the sweet will quickly restore power, deliver the required amount of glucose to the brain, and you will again feel cheerful and full of energy.

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