How to make soap bubbles at home?

Do you remember how in your childhood you were enraptured by bright, incredibly iridescent, large and simply fabulous soap bubbles blown out of a tube? How fun and fervently did you catch them? And how grieved when the soapy liquid ended? And all attempts to make the bubbles themselves, were in vain, because you probably did not know how to make soap bubbles at home. We will now correct this omission. And very soon you will be able to pleasantly surprise yourself, your children, and even adult friends. After all, sometimes you want to get into a carefree childhood again and sincerely rejoice at pleasant trifles.

So, how to make soap bubbles at home?

We are ready to offer you some recipes. And you can choose for yourself the one that will seem to you the most acceptable and successful.

Recipe number 1

You will need a dishwashing detergent (for example, Fairy, Sorti or any other), glycerin (you can buy it at any pharmacy) and water. Dishwashing liquid will give brightness to our soap bubbles.Glycerin will make the bladder walls strong.


Pour 200 grams into the jar. dishwashing detergent, add 100 ml. glycerin and dilute all in 600 ml. water. Mix the resulting solution thoroughly and ... done! Now you can blow bubbles!

Recipe number 2

This recipe is extremely simple. You will need all the same dish detergent and water. Take the ingredients in the following ratio: 30 ml. dishwashing detergent and 100 ml. water. Mix everything up, and the soap bubbles are ready!

Recipe number 3

This method of making a liquid for soap bubbles is more complicated than the previous two and is time consuming.

You will need: 300 ml. glycerin, 600 ml. hot water, 50 gr. any detergent in the powder (for example laundry detergent) and 20 drops of ammonia. All components need to be poured into a jar, preferably in a jar and mix well. Now, attention! The resulting liquid should be allowed to infuse for 2 to 3 days. After that, we filter it, for example, through cheesecloth, and leave it in the refrigerator for 12 hours. Then we get and start blowing bubbles!

Recipe number 4

This method is the longest in time of manufacture.And, in fact, soap bubbles do not benefit from this in their brightness and durability. But, nevertheless, this recipe also has the right to exist.

You need the following ingredients: 1 bar of household soap, 400 ml. hot water, 2 tsp. Sahara.

Cooking method:

Grate a piece of soap on a coarse grater. Now pour hot water into the soap chips, put on a slow fire and leave to dissolve, stirring occasionally. Cool the resulting mixture and refrigerate for 1 week. After a week, add sugar and mix. After the sugar has dissolved, the soap bubbles are ready! Alternatively, you can simply mix the soap chips with water, heat up the soap to dissolve faster and cool. It’s better, of course, to add a few more drops of glycerin and you're done!

Recipe number 5

A very simple recipe. You will need bath foam and water. The foam from which the strongest and most beautiful bubbles are obtained is the “Little Fairy”, naturally other brands will do. Mix the foam with water in a ratio of 3 to 1 and everything is ready!

Now we bring to your attention the tools with which you can blow bubbles:

  • Cocktail tube or handle, from which the rod is removed and the caps are removed. But only small bubbles can be blown out of these tools.
  • To make the bubbles larger, you can make 4 cuts of approximately 3 cm at one of the ends of the cocktail tube. Now open the resulting incisions in different directions, like the petals of a flower.
  • A hard wire can be used and at one end bend a loop with a diameter of about 4 cm.
  • You can use a funnel to make your bubbles very large. With it, you can blow a bubble up to 30 cm in diameter. But keep in mind that you have to blow into the funnel several times, each time plugging the hole into which you blow. You can also make a funnel yourself from paper.

Now you know how to make soap bubbles at home!

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