How to make redevelopment in the apartment

To begin with, we will list the items that are strictly prohibited during redevelopment. It is impossible to dismantle the bearing supports, walls, beams, ventilation and fire-prevention devices. It is impossible to install disconnecting and regulating devices on the general building or common engineering networks. It is forbidden to install central heating, risers and gas pipes in the walls. You can not build a bath or toilet over the kitchen and rooms of neighbors. It is impossible to equip a living room in a room of more than 9 square meters if there is no window in it. Without special permission it is impossible to fix the air conditioner to the outside of the house. It should be remembered that our apartments are not always designed for the installation of bath-jacuzzi.
Redevelopment is not prohibited in the overhaul or reconstruction, as regulated by other legal documents. You can fearlessly clean built-in furniture, mezzanines, replace gas and electrical equipment with the same.You can also change the gas and water supply system, but this must be done by a licensed specialist. The living area of ​​the apartment is not prohibited to increase at the expense of the corridor or the second kitchen (for example, when there is a union of two apartments).
If you want to re-equip a dwelling, violating the integrity of the load-bearing walls, then you need to get a special permit. The process is quite long, but necessary. First you need to contact the BTI with the document of ownership of the apartment. There they will tell you in what sequence it is necessary to act and which papers to collect.
If you doubt the legality of the planned redevelopment, contact the local government (as a rule, each district administration has a department that deals with the coordination and legalization of redevelopment). They will answer all your questions and prompt you the optimal plan of action, suitable for your apartment.

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