How to make money with the exchange of articles

If you plan to make money writing texts for the Internet, first of all, study the features of their composition. The presence of philological education and experience of journalistic work in print media does not guarantee success in web-writing. Content creation is different from writing printed materials. Find out the optimal size of texts for the network, especially their writing and design.
Subscribe to the mailing lists of successful copywriters who donate secrets of mastery to budding authors. Read their blogs, study the materials, understand the professional terminology of web-raiting.
Register on one or more exchangesarticles. Pass the qualifying assignment, if the exchange provides such an opportunity. Write some trialarticlesin free sale.
Choosing themes for firstarticles, study what texts are being sold, at what prices.Look at the most popular categories on the stock exchanges (traditionally, the most popular are the texts on construction topics). Explore the TOP authors, see their work in the portfolio. After an initial analysis, you can determine the topic of the article and its sale price.
Write some texts for free sale. Such texts are your virtual shop window.articles. Diversify it with texts on different topics in different categories.
Send private messages to your customersarticleswith sentences to write other texts for them.

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