How to make fruit puree

How to make fruit pureeHow to make fruit puree? Pureed fruits (and vegetables), depending on the method of production and the country of origin, received various names - mashed potatoes, cremogens, homogenates. Mashed potatoes canned in an airtight container, but most often used as a semi-finished product for the manufacture of products containing sugar: fruit sauces, jam, marmalade, marshmallow. Puree is widely used in the confectionery industry.


Raw material Raw materials for the production of puree canned used in the state of technical maturity. The use of large fruits and varieties of raw materials with a high content of solids reduces waste during processing. For the manufacture of mashed potatoes, you can also use fresh non-fermented waste from the production of jam, compotes, adding them to the fruit.


Preparation of raw materials. Making mashed potatoes is as follows. After the usual technological processes of delivery, acceptance and storage, the fruits are washed in a ventilated washing machine, sorted by quality and sent to nodal processing methods -preliminary heat treatment and subsequent wiping.


It is preferable to apply the treatment of steam than water. In hot water (90–100 ° C), only blackcurrant, cranberry, gooseberry, lingonberry, and cornel are blanched for 3–8 minutes. Blueberries, strawberries (strawberries), raspberries and blackberries do not blanch.


Most of the raw materials are blanched with 50-100 kPa steam at a temperature of 100 ° C. At the same time, the duration of the stone fruit treatment is 10 minutes, the seeds are no more than 15 minutes.


Blanching is carried out in digesters or screw preheaters.


The boiled fruits are wiped in twin wiping machines. The diameter of the sieve holes in the first wiper is 1.2–1.5 mm, and in the second, 0.5–0.7 mm. For wiping stone fruits, special wiping machines are used, characterized by a milder wiping mode compared to machines for pome fruits (and vegetables) in order to prevent crushing of seeds. A milder mode is created by reducing the rotor shaft speed by 3 times (275 min ”1) and installing lightweight wire whips.

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