How to make a vase of modules

How to make a vase of modulesFine products created with the help of origami technique, will become an original decoration for your home. They will complement the interior with bright accents and help make the design more creative.
We offer you a master class "How to make a vase of modules" with photos, videos and a detailed description of each stage.
You will need triangular modules for this product, so you first need to learn how to create them.

How to make a vase of paper - a diagram of the main parts


  1. Take a sheet of A4 paper, fold it several times in width and height. You should have small rectangles, the number of which can be a multiple of 4.
  2. Cut the paper along the marked fold lines. Now you will work with each small rectangle separately.
  3. You need to take a rectangle and bend it, making a thinner strip.How to make a vase of paper - a diagram of the main parts
  4. Bend it again in half to form a fold and return to the previous position.
  5. Bend the edges of the leaf alternately towards the center so that their upper sides lie straight along the center line.
  6. Turn the part over. Bend the outer corners downwards.
  7. The strips in the bottom are bent to form an open triangular shape.
  8. Bend the figure in half.
  9. You have created the main part, which has two pockets and two corners.

How to make a vase of paper - a diagram of the main parts
Now you have to do the most difficult thing in this process - to prepare the necessary number of triangular modules. Depending on the desired size and color of the vase, the number of elements of different shades may be different. For the selected rainbow vase, 7 primary colors will be used, as well as one additional - for the base of the craft.
So, you need to make 855 modules, while 155 of them will be white or black - the main ones, and the rest - 100 for each shade. Be patient and start making parts. Once you finish this step, you can proceed directly to create a wonderful vase.

How to make a vase from modules in stages


  1. The first step is the assembly of the base, white details will be used for it. Combine the elements in three rows so that in the first row you have five parts, in the second - four, and in the third - three.
  2. Create the blocks in a circle, then join them together.You should have a circle consisting of 3 rows of 20 modules each.
  3. From 20 more details, assemble the zero row.
  4. Proceed to the fourth row, it will consist of 25 modules. Thus, you will need to increase the number of parts by five. To do this, in several parts of the circle, at a uniform distance from each other, you need to put on one corner of the module of the previous row for one piece.How to make a vase from modules in stages
  5. The next two rows make 25 elements each.
  6. From the seventh row begins assembling the main part of crafts. To do this ryadochka need 35 modules, they need to be threaded on one or two corners evenly according to the scheme. By the way, in this part it is already possible to use multicolored details in such a sequence: three details — one color, two details — another color, three details — the next shade and so on, alternating two and three details of different colors in turn.
  7. Collect 12 rows (up to 18) with 35 parts each, it is recommended to build the modules in columns of the same color, or they can be strung together.
  8. The next stage is the creation of a vase neck. Now you need to add two parts of each color. Note that in those places where there were three elements of the same shade, the modules of the next row are put on three corners.How to make a vase from modules in stages
  9. Make 5 rows of modules.
  10. The next row (24) will have modules installed with the long side inside the vase.
  11. Assemble 24-28 rows using 28 parts.
  12. The vase is ready!

How to make a vase from modules in stages
Now you know how to make a vase from origami modules, and you will be able to create this beautiful decoration for your home. A great addition to this craft will be paper tulips or lilies, made in the same technique.
This vase will look beautiful on a festive table or kitchen window sill. It will become an original decoration for any interior and will complement it with bright colors. In addition, you can create such a craft for a gift to a friend or a loved one.

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