How to make a squib to brighter celebrate the New Year?

How to make a squib to brighter celebrate the New Year?What is a firecracker? This is a special kind of pyrotechnics that explodes on contact with fire, having a wick and a flammable substance. Use it on holidays, especially often - on the New Year.

What is the main feature of a cracker? When you use it, it makes loud sounds, and also, quite often, light or other effects. Of course, each of us used these crackers, but few know how to make a petard at home.

How to make firecrackers at home. Fundamental rules

Pyrotechnics is a very interesting, and at the same time, dangerous technology. Therefore, in order for you to do everything correctly and correctly, you need to correctly approach the creation of a firecracker. Its composition must clearly comply with the recipe, and remember about safety during operation.

Now we will tell you how to make a firecracker using available tools and ingenuity. So, what we need to create this pyrotechnic creation.How to make a squib to brighter celebrate the New Year?

  • Serebryanka, paint, about 100 grams.
  • Potassium permanganate is also about 100 grams.
  • Paper for the form of petard.
  • A roll of electrical tape.
  • Several boxes of matches.

When all the components are in front of you, you can start reading the instructions to learn how to make a petard at home. We need to measure one hundred grams of paint and potassium permanganate in the powder, and then mix them in a one-to-one ratio. Then we lay out the finished powder on the paper and tightly wrap the mixture of powders in it.

Now we need tape. With its help, we fix the paper, carefully wrapped. We make a small hole, preferably on top of the alleged firecracker. In it we insert one match head out. The match must fully enter the paper cylinder, while covering the hole with gray.

The main snag in the question of how to make a squib, is the wick. To firecracker beautifully exploded, the wick must be properly arranged and properly attached. To do this, take the match, which is attached with glue to the paper. After it, on the head below, fasten the second, then the third. The result should be a chain of matches - a kind of wick.Everything, now you know how to make a petard with your own hands!How to make a squib to brighter celebrate the New Year?

How to make a squib out of matches? Quick Start Guide

Often when homemade pyrotechnics the question arises: how to make firecrackers so that they burn longer and explode louder? For this there is a very effective recipe. Everything is in a few special ingredients. So how to make unusual firecrackers at home, and what do you need to use for this?

  • Ten boxes of matches.
  • Two wine corks.
  • Cocktail tubules.
  • Wire.
  • Needles, awl, scissors.
  • Pencil pliers.

We take sulfur from the matches, prepared by us, we pound it in powder. After that, we take a sheet of paper, from one edge we fasten with scotch tape and twist it into a straw. On the other hand, we pour sulfur and also seal it with a cork. In the middle we make a hole into which we extend the rod from the handle - this will be our wick. Fastening tape and wire, we get the finished firecracker.How to make a squib to brighter celebrate the New Year?

This simple recipe will take you some time, but you will get chic pyrotechnics cheaply and quickly. As you can see, making a squib out of matches is not at all difficult!

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