How to make a man happy

Imagine a situation: there are two friends, one of them had a tough day, but all you have to do is talk, talk to your interlocutor about your problem, how all the difficulties go away, comes from life. The circumstances do not change, just a person appears who listened to you and understood you. Feeling satisfied with the provision of real help to her friend, the woman returns home and meets in a similar mood her husband, who has problems with the boss, has broken the car on the way home and has had an unpleasant situation with a work colleague. Naturally, a loving and caring woman will want to provide effective assistance to her life partner, and the “proven” methods on a friend will fit this situation. By all means, the woman will try to find out what happened to her husband, she will begin to tell him that there is nothing wrong with that, that he should not worry. However, instead of the expected reaction to her consoling words, anger and even rudeness of a man appear.Stunned woman in confusion. What did she do wrong and how to make a man happy?

Why are men and women different?

How to make a man happy

It may seem that the main difference is gender: male and female, but the difficulties of mutual understanding are associated not only with this, but also with thinking, attitude to life and needs.

Scientists say that although a man and a woman speak the same language, they have opposite ways of communication.

The main difference in the structure of the brain. Women can simultaneously do 2-3 things at once, since they have much more neural fibers. Because of this difference, men make decisions more slowly, they need to think things over, and a woman during the same time is able to realize most of her ideas. At the same time, the spatial orientation of a man is better developed than that of a girl.

The sensuality of a woman and the rationality of a man are striking in their difference. In the same circumstances, the representatives of the two sexes look at things differently. However, it cannot be said that women are not perceptive, they are able to conduct a good analysis of things and make sound decisions.

True understanding and agreement between a man and a woman is not an accident, it is a big work and work on the part of everyone.

To achieve mutual understanding and happiness in relationships, it is important to know your role and show understanding to the feelings and needs of others. You should not think that differences in behavior and actions are the reason for parting, look at things from the other side, find advantages in your “difference” and complement each other!

How to make a man happy?

How to make a man happy

The happiness of a man directly depends on the behavior of the woman who lives in it. To achieve mutual understanding, the efforts of one person are not enough, both are required. However, a woman who knows what her husband needs is going to make the necessary impetus for developing strong relationships.

  1. Respect for husband

To make a man happy, you need to know the role assigned to a woman and not claim the primacy of her husband. Although it has been accepted that equality between men and women is a big mistake. No man will experience happiness and satisfaction if, during the course of his life together with his wife, he has to compete and constantly fight with her for the right to be higher. Although the very idea of ​​obeying a spouse at first glance seems unpleasant and even alien, as a result, a woman conquers the heart of a loved one, and he in turn gives her what she needs: love, care, tenderness and affection.

Submission does not mean that a woman cannot express her point of view, or that she should be silent all the time. Thanks to her behavior, a man will want to consult with her, and she will express an opinion on this issue. It is important to remember that the decision remains for a loving man who takes into account the needs of his wife.

But what to do when opinions differ? Being calm and peaceful in such a situation is not easy, so understanding and calm speech are important. Do not insist on your own, since the opposite reaction arises in men, and he will not want to act in such a situation according to your request. The expression of respect for the husband is manifested even if the decision of the man failed and did not meet his expectations. At such a moment, there is an overwhelming desire to say: “Well, I told you so!”. What does your spouse feel at this moment? Does he not understand that he was wrong and that this decision was wrong? At such a moment, he especially needs your recognition, love and respect! By restraining yourself, you will show the qualities inherent in a decent woman!

  1. Understanding and on time words spoken

The man turns in the world of rivalry and constant competition. The only quiet and calm harbor for him, where he wants to return for again and again, is his home.But what if he is met at home by an eternally dissatisfied wife, who constantly demands attention to herself, and at the same time does not take into account the mood and condition of her husband's heart at all? Will a man run home after work to get peace and tranquility? Of course not!

For a man to be happy, and you become his beloved wife, do everything possible to make it easy to love you!

Although it is sometimes so difficult to restrain yourself, remember that the words spoken aloud are remembered for a long time. After a time, the cause of the quarrel is forgotten, but those expressions that were said during the clarification of the attitude remain on the heart as an unhealing scar that constantly strikes and reminds of itself.

How to make a man happy

  1. Behavior of a woman in the circle of other people

Being alone, it is easy to respect, understand and take into account each other's feelings. But when visiting or communicating with friends, sometimes you want to show your superiority. One of the main problems of women is their statements about a man in a negative light. This is especially critical in the presence of other people. After a quarrel, when the wound in the heart has not healed yet, and the husband was not right at the same time, stabbing words and expressions will be torn out.At such a moment, a man experiences humiliation and insult.

Negative words about his man in the presence of other people are especially remembered. In a day you will forgive your spouse for what happened, and the opinions of others about him will be unchanged.

Diligence is important both for guests and for children. They adopt words, deeds, behavior, and even the thinking of parents. If you suppress the role of a husband in the presence of children, they will repeat for you and show disdain for your father and ignore his demands.

  1. Caring for home

Who has not heard such a phrase: “The way to a man’s heart lies through his stomach”! In a joint marriage, this thought is completely justified. For the happiness of a man, observe and maintain order in the house, cook tasty food and watch the children. Although you can dine in the restaurant, have a cup of coffee in the cafe in the morning or order lunch to work, the man will dream that his wife would be a good housewife and on returning from work, the scent would not come from her neighbor's apartment, but from his house! The expression of his contentment and joy - praise and compliments, appropriate gifts, care and satisfaction of the requests of his wife.Food in restaurants can not be compared with home cooking, therefore, to achieve peace and happiness in the family, a woman should make an effort to learn how to cook tasty and healthy food.

  1. Taking care of your appearance.

Walking down the street and being proud of his beautiful wife is every man’s dream. Marrying, and even more so with the advent of the child, the woman completely forgets about her external beauty. Although internal qualities are the basis of good relationships and the main dish, external attractiveness is a seasoning, without which even the most healthy dish will not be considered tasty and fragrant.

Care of its beauty is expressed in cleanliness, emphasizing its natural beauty with neat makeup, ambitious and at the same time stylish clothes, care for the condition of skin, hair and figure. Do not forget about proper nutrition and diet, as this is the basis of physical health and external beauty. Gym or exercise will help to keep the beautiful figure even after 30 years.

How to make a man happy

Common misconceptions:

  • "I can fix it." If already on the first date you notice something that annoys you or you cannot put up with, do not continue the relationship.It is better to leave right away when obvious shortcomings were noticed, than after many years of meetings to understand that this is not the person with whom you are ready to live life. It is impossible to fix another person if he does not want it. And the problems that were before the marriage are only aggravated in the marriage, therefore, to create a strong family you need to know each other well.
  • "We must be all alike to everyone." There are no identical people, even of the same sex. There are always two points of view, different hobbies and hobbies.

Do not look for a copy for yourself, look for a life partner who will harmoniously complement your personality.

  • "A man must always take the first step." Remember, in a quarrel both people are guilty, if one showed rudeness and disrespect, the other answers the same. As a result, there is a long debate, where everyone is at their own point of view.

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