How to make a hand of wood?

You can cut a hand out of wood in the same way as any other figure. True, there are no particularly small details on the hand, which allows even a novice master to do this work. You can do this for training, as a training, good, nature is always before your eyes. So let's get started.

What wood can make a hand

For cutting need soft wood. For example, an oak is a very beautiful tree, but at the same time it is also one of the hardest. Oak carving is possible, but this is a difficult job and a beginner can’t do it. Therefore, it is better to stay on soft rocks:

  • alder,
  • birch
  • hawthorn
  • aspen
  • linden tree

Probably, it is better to cut the hand from a material of a suitable color, therefore the reddishmake a handpink alder is not very suitable. Unless you are going to make the hand of the red man. The same applies to the reddish hawthorn. Aspen wood is probably too white, but birch and linden wood have the most suitable color: white with a yellowish tinge. Although if you cover the finished product with a suitable varnish, you can use any of these trees.

The main advantage of the wood types listed above is their softness. They are easy to process. You can also focus on the density, the weight of the tree. This is hardly important, but just in case, let's say that birch is heavier than linden and aspen.

How to make a wooden hand: the order of work

First, we prepare everything that we need for work:

  • camera;
  • wood;
  • vice;
  • mounting block;
  • screws;
  • felt-tip pen;make a hand
  • band-saw;
  • mallet;
  • 12 mm flat or semicircular chisel;
  • round, flat and V-shaped cutters;
  • paint;
  • varnish on wood.

Take a picture of your hand in different angles, print photos. This is necessary because the figurine is a three-dimensional image, and when cut it is necessary to examine it from all sides. These photos should be constantly in front of the eyes, i.e. they can pin to the wall at eye level above the desk. At this preparatory work ends, proceed to the thread.

Operating procedure

  1. We fasten the workpiece to the working block so that they are fastened “tightly”, the block is fixed in a vice.
  2. Roughly mark with a felt-tip pen or pencil the location of the figure on a bar of wood.
  3. Make a few cuts in 25 mm increments along the upper edges of the bar.make a handIt is necessary that the workpiece is not cracked.
  4. Chisel the excess wood, giving the workpiece a rough similarity to the desired shape. The wood must be cut to the same depth. To cut out the brush proceed to the last turn, at first just mark its place.
  5. So, gradually removing the excess in small equal portions, we give the blank a rough shape. After that, you can proceed to the exact processing.
  6. With a small, sharply sharpened straight cutter, we carefully form the rounded surfaces of the wrist and palm. Second hand while directing the movement of the cutter.
  7. We also cut the indentations between the fingers with a straight flat cutter, carefully removing small chips. If necessary, limit the movement of the index left finger.
  8. Wrinkles and lines on the palms and fingers are cut out with a small chisel with a curved blade.


  • when moving the cutter across the fibers, you need to be especially careful and prudent;
  • when removing long shavings along the fibers, it is imperative to control their thickness.

To finish the finished product with varnish or paint. You can use the stain.

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