How to make a doll Kupavku

Doll Kupavka

Doll Kupavka



When the days come Agrafena Kupalnitsa and Ivan Kupala (July 6 and 7) - ancient holidays, celebrated by our ancestors many centuries ago. According to custom, these days the self-made pupae-kupokov were floated along the rivers. People did this by believing that the water carries away all the sorrows and problems with the cupolas.


For the manufacture of dolls Kupavki need:

-goods: white square, bright rectangular, light long, checkered or striped

-codule, thread, cotton wool.


We will tell you how to make such a magic doll. And then you send her to sail along the nearest river or stream - and let together with the bathing swim as far as possible all your sorrows!


We proceed to the manufacture of dolls Kupavki:



1)Take a white square shred 20 cm wide and a small wad of cotton wool. Put the cotton in the center of the shred, roll it and tie it with a thread, forming the head.Our great-great-grandmothers, instead of cotton wool, put in the doll a kneading of the knob-pieces of thread and trimming the fabric left from the needlework. If your mother has unnecessary scraps, you can use them instead of cotton wool.


2) A bright shred 20 wide and 30 cm long will become a cupola sundress. Wrap it around the body of the doll so that the head is inside the roll formed by the rolled-up flap.


3)Gently pull together and tie a string of colored shred tight 2 cm below the neck of the cup doll.


4)Unscrew the sundress, if necessary, gently slide it below so that there is approximately 2 cm of free space from its top edge to the neck.


5) Now take a long light shred of length 40 and width of 10-20 cm. The edges of the material are rotated inward, so that they do not fray, and roll the scrap along - you will get a long roll.


6) Fold the roll in half and tie it on both sides with a thread (pull back along the edges).1 cm).


7) Push the doll head into the loop between the halves of the folded roll.


8) Tie your arms on both sides of the neck - not too tight, but so that the head of the cuprack does not jump out.


9) Take a checkered or striped shred of 5 x 10 cm in size - from it we will make an apron. Put it on the chest and face of the doll so that its lower end is 1 cm below the waist level. Tie an apron to the belt of the pupa with a strong thread and put it down.


10) Tie a piece of multicolored braid around the head of the doll.Shred in size 20 x 20 cm to fold diagonally, to make a triangle - it will be a handkerchief. Tie a scarf around the head of the pupa, overlapping its ends under its chin, and secure it from behind with a neat knot.


11) Tie colored ribbons to the hands of the kupavka - they will symbolize all the problems, offenses and illnesses (yours or your relatives), which fast water will carry forever far away.

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