How to make a building

Each building has its own individual features and subtleties, so, if possible, turn to professional advice before starting construction. A legal advisor will help you in your particular situation.
First, fraternize in the organs of architecture (in the administration). Write there an application for obtaining the boundaries of the land. Then contact the land survey service. Surveyors must establish the boundaries of your site, sign with the neighboring owners of the act on the harmonization of boundaries. And after that all the collected documents you carry to the cadastral chamber to obtain a site plan.
If you have already drawn up a cadastral plan of the land plot, collect and submit the following documents to the federal registration authorities. (All documents must be in two versions - the original and a copy, so do not forget to reproduce them): an application for state registration of ownership (it is filled in the presence of a specialist in the document receiving department),a payment document confirming payment of the state duty for state registration, a passport, a power of attorney certified by a notary when the representative applies, as well as all documents on the fact of the creation of the object and its description and the same cadastral plan of the land plot
If your documents are not accepted for any reason, demand an official refusal, on the basis of which you can sue. Sometimes, the paper is made very long. In this case, you can also go to court.

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