How to make a beautiful styling for long hair - step by step photo instruction

How beautiful to put long hair with their own hands

How beautiful to put long hair with their own hands

With the help of a hair straightener, you can make a beautiful voluminous hairstyle with your own hands. It's not so easy. But as soon as you master this technique, things will go much faster. So, let's begin.


Before moving to the curl, you must:


Thoroughly dry hair. Wet or wet hair is very difficult to curl. To increase the volume, you can use mousse.


For styling, use a flat hair straightener. Its width should be from 2.5 to 5 cm. Heat it to the required temperature, which is optimal for your hair type.


Apply a special spray to protect the hair from heat exposure when using the iron. Spray should be applied to the entire surface of the head and spread it over the hair with a comb.If the hand did not have a comb, you can do it with your fingers.


Divide the hair into several large curls. So it will be easier to curl them, especially if you have thin hair.
Start from the bottom of the head closer to the neck and ears. Leave as much hair as possible, the rest must be stabbed so that they do not interfere.
As soon as the first lock is ready, remove the hairpin and start curling the next one. And so curl for curl to the end.


Evening hairstyle with curls for long hair: turn-by-turn photo instruction


Apply hairspray on each curl just before curling. Due to this, you can fix the required form.


How beautiful to put long hair with their own hands


Take a lock of hair for curling. It should take into account several important points:


The smaller the strand, the tighter I will be curls. The size of the curl will also depend on the number of curls. It is recommended that the width of one strand is not more than 5 cm. If you still decide to make curls more, this will give the hair itself a more natural look.


How beautiful to put long hair with their own hands


Curls will be more free and elastic.


You can combine one and the other style. It is not necessary to strictly adhere to any one.For example, you can make large loose curls in the lower part of the head in the neck area to give the entire hairstyle a larger volume. The higher you go, the smaller the curls should become. Do not be afraid to experiment and try something new.


How beautiful to put long hair with their own hands


When creating this hairstyle, you can combine curls and curls. And in fact, and in another case, you will need an iron for hair.
Curls: Pinch a strand of hair with a flat iron in the middle, then rotate it 180 degrees so that the strand repeats the shape of the arc.


Hold the iron in that position and slowly guide it down the entire length of the curl up to the tips. This should be done very carefully and without haste. The faster you do it, the less underlined will be the coil.


How beautiful to put long hair with their own hands


Curls: in order to properly make curls, strand should be clamped with an iron almost at the base. Care should be taken not to bring it too close to the scalp to avoid burns. Also, iron the entire length of the curl to the tips. Again, the slower the movement, the more elastic the curls will be.


How beautiful to put long hair with their own hands


In conclusion, you can leave everything as is or give your hair the desired shape.In order for the curls to turn out to be more free, run your fingers into your hair and shake them lightly. This will give more volume and a more natural look.


For better fixation, you can use a small amount of hairspray to curls lay more tightly and retain their shape throughout the day. If you are in a room with a high level of humidity, it is recommended to use a special spray to protect hair from moisture.

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