How to make a beautiful hack?

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How to make a beautiful hack?

You do not need to buy in the store original furnishings, home decorations. All this you can easily do with your own hands at home. In each house or apartment, a small piece of cloth, buttons, wires, unnecessary cans, as well as threads and much more will always be found at hand. All these elements can be used as devices for the manufacture of exclusive crafts. How to make a beautiful crafts, so that the result pleased all family members?

We make crafts from paper

For example, a postcard can be made from any piece of paper, be it smooth or oblique. Thus, a Valentine, a bunch of flowers can be very beautiful. Many people prefer to prepare Christmas decorations for the new year out of paper. Paper craft is nice to decorate with beads, paints, ribbons, and flower petals.

More information about paper crafts you can find in our article How to make paper crafts.

We make crafts from plastic

Universal glasses for storing pens, pencils can come from empty plastic cups. For their manufacture it is necessary to cut off the top of the bottle of your choice. The edges, in turn, need to paste over with a special bright electrical tape, or a small strip of rubber. To make the glass stable, a stand made of wood and attached to the base of the cup with silicone glue will help. If you are looking for even more original ways of making crafts, read our article How to make crafts.

We make independently clay crafts

You can make a beautiful crafts with your own hands out of clay. Such exclusive things will give even more sophistication to the interior of the room. A souvenir that has turned out should be covered with a thin layer of paint. You can decorate such an exquisite and original thing with the help of hats acorns, beads, or various shells.

You can also make crafts from a variety of vegetables. Read more in the article How to make crafts from vegetables.

Crafts from small glass jars

Beautiful candlesticks can be made by means of glass jars. The main thing is to choose small jars.

Stages of work

  1. First, the bank must be painted using stained glass paints, afterBeautiful craftsWhat should be glued braid, emphasizing the contour.
  2. After that, apply the required amount of glue to the surface of the can. Glue colored threads on the jar, which will give the craftwork brightness.
  3. After waiting for the paint to dry, you need to install a small candle, which should be placed inside the jar.
  4. If you do not want to use the jar as a candlestick, you can use it to store all sorts of small things in the form of buttons, needles or pins.
  5. To create a unique thing, turn on the fantasy. Only in this case can you create an object that is unlike anything else.

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