How to learn to stand on your hands?

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How to learn to stand on your hands?

Youtube has a female yoga trainer channel, Esther Eckhart. In one of the videos, she tells in detail and shows how to learn to stand on your hands. This article is a translation-abstract of this lesson, since the information on the video is presented in English.

In this video tutorial, Esther shows not only how to stand on his hands, but also comments in great detail on all the steps and integral parts for the correct and safe execution of this maneuver.

On the following link you can see the video, how to stand on your hands:

Starting to learn to stand on your hands is better next to the wall, because there is always a fear of falling, and all attention is focused on this feeling. In this case, the correct formulation and alignment of the body do not seem as important as the probability of falling.

According to Esther, first of all it is important to perform a set of exercises for warming up the shoulders, upper back and arms. This, one might say, preliminary stage is inherent in the performance of any rack, whether on the head, on the arms or on the shoulders.In addition, she herself prefers to perform exercises for stretching the hips, but emphasizes that this part of the practice can be purely individual.

All further instructions are given on the basis that the practitioner has already warmed up the necessary muscles and is ready to begin performing the handstand.

First you need to adopt the pose "downward facing dog" ("looking down dog"). For those who are not familiar with the practice of yoga, I explain: this posture is one of the many postures (so-called 'asanas') that underlie this type of training.

A detailed description of the technique of performing the "looking down dog" pose (Sanskrit: Adho Mukha Svanasana) can be found here:


  1. place your palms a few inches from the wall and shoulder-width apart;
  2. take the "looking down dog" pose;
  3. bend your elbows slightly to the sides;
  4. look at the hands, and then move your arms and shoulders downward and inward, as if you are squeezing something between your elbows (this way you will achieve the correct position of the shoulders and turning the arms);
  5. press your fingers against the floor, this will help to remove the load from the wrists, the weight of the body should be evenly distributed along the arms;
  6. Now tighten the abdominal muscles, retract it;
  7. take a step with your left foot inside (the foot is at the level of the abdomen);
  8. Right leg lift up. Attention! it is very important to keep your arms tight, not allowing elbow flexion;
  9. relax your chest a little, but your arms and shoulders are still tense (as if your life depends on it);
  10. continue to raise the right leg, but without twisting the thigh;
  11. lift yourself to the toe of your left leg and do small jumps:
    • bend the knee - jump (the right leg and arms remain straight, only the left leg bends and jumps);
    • Remember! At the initial stage, it doesn’t matter whether you bounce to the wall or not. Now it is important only to ensure that the arms remain straight and tense, the shoulders are pushed back to the back (and not extended after the arms), and the raised leg is fully stretched and straightened. It is also necessary to keep the belly tense. And when it all works together, it will be very easy to climb into a handstand.
  12. as soon as you touch the wall, linger in this position (resting your heels on the wall) for 1-2 minutes to gain stability, and then begin to balance freely when you feel ready.

To summarize, how to stand on your hands:

  • in the first place, put your hands correctly and keep them tense and straight;
  • Make sure that the raised leg is also straight and tense;
  • strain your belly;
  • look down on the floor, do not look ahead, because it may be a little scary.

These are the few nuances that need to be worked on above all. In time, you will succeed!

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