How to learn the alphabet of communication for children

How to learn the alphabet of communication for childrenBefore parents is a difficult task - how to learn the alphabet of communication for children. It is this skill that will open the way for him to people's hearts, help him to know the joys of friendship and love, will open the way for him to life success.


Communication has its own language, and the child can master it, imitating adults, or gaining their own experience when communicating with peers. Communication includes A B C G steps.


“Will it rain today?” Initiation of communication. At this stage, the child is involved in communication, there is an exchange of short phrases, a kind of communicative “sniffing” occurs. However, short, jerky messages have a hidden meaning: "I'm ready for communication," "You are interesting to me," "We belong to one group, you and me." The so-called secular, superficial communication occurs at this level.


"We will know each other." Maintaining communication. "Well, how do you live?" The goal of communication at this stage is to establish a deeper, less formal contact, open your soul, find the keys to the soul of another person.At the same time, “communicative stroking” is used, in which the child says something positive and affectionate about his interlocutor.


If a child has confidence in other people, then he shares his feelings, seeking understanding and support.


"See you later." Completion of contact. The purpose of communication at this stage - leaving, leave the door open for the next contact. The child must learn to show that communication was interesting and pleasant for him and he hopes to continue it in the future.


"Burn, fire ..." Any connection with a person is like a fire, in which you need to throw a branch to support the fire. And any flame, even the strongest, will die out if it is not maintained.

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