How to knit leggings with knitting needles, videos, schemes

How to knit leggings with knitting needles

Gaiters are not only indispensable for those who are engaged in dancing, ballet or yoga, it is also an original stylish accessory that will not allow your feet to freeze in the autumn and winter cold. It is not difficult to connect gaiters with knitting needles, even for women who are not so strong in knitting. Yarn, knitting needles, time and patience are all you need.

getruyYou can endlessly experiment with colors and patterns - it all depends on what purpose you are going to use them. You can knit leggings for dancing with knitting needles, in this case you can choose not too complicated pattern - yet practicality is more important here, but if you plan to wear leggings as an element of an interesting image, then you can try.

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