How can I increase my own efficiency?

Every day a person performs various jobs, he has ideas and goals that are aimed at achieving a certain result and gaining success. But everyone, at least once thought about it, is it possible to get all this with less effort and in a shorter period? Of course, the answer is yes. This is the meaning of increasing personal effectiveness.

What is it and why?

The concept of personal effectiveness is quite simple to understand from the point of view of economics - it is the effective achievement of goals for which the expenditure of certain forces is necessary. It depends on personal intentions, the benefits of the result and the resources that were spent.

But it happens that a person makes a million attempts, does a lot of things, and, it would seem, is always very busy, but if a clear goal is not defined, then the forces spent in the process will be simply useless, and the efficiency will be zero.

Before you decide to start improving your performance, it is worthwhile to figure out at what level it is at the moment. To do this, honestly answer the questions.

  • “Do I know clearly the goals that I need (want) to achieve?”;
  • “How fast can I do this?”;
  • "Do I have enough resources in stock to achieve them?"

If on a 10-point scale your mark will be no higher than 6-7 points, it is worthwhile to analyze the available opportunities and begin work on improvement.

Basic methods

How to improve the performance of your activity? For this, there are several ways, each of which will shorten the time to reach the next goal and simplify your work in this direction.

  1. Make plans. The number of daily activities can simply absorb you, if you do not learn how to make plans for yourself - for a day, a month, a year. This does not mean that you become dependent on the plan and specific deadlines. Do not be attached to start to the time limit, aim for the result. For this, it is good to have an organizer or a diary, and for the modern person there are also many useful applications available.who are able to significantly facilitate your life.
  2. Set priorities. It is necessary to clearly distinguish all cases in order of importance and usefulness of the result. This way, you can see which of them require immediate execution, and which ones can wait.
  3. Praise yourself. Learn to respect all your achievements, even if they are small. We made a report for the company, completed the task in time, bought the desired item of everyday use, passed the session - all this deserves praise. Write down successfully completed cases, and soon you will see that there are reasons to praise yourself.
  4. Record thoughts. This is a very important factor for personal growth. Indeed, sometimes a valuable thought appears quickly and never returns. No need to hope that in the bustle of workers and household chores, you will remember it at the end of the day. Even if it seems to you that the idea does not make sense, write it down anyway, it can be the basis for future goals.
  5. Develop skills. Learning is important for self-improvement. In the process of achieving their goals, it is necessary to learn new technologies, methods, techniques, acquiring knowledge and skills.This will help minimize your efforts to solve problems or implement planned cases. For this, various trainings, seminars, webinars are excellent.
  6. Chat with motivators. Everyone has a person who is able to encourage you to new achievements. It does not necessarily have to be people associated with your professional activities. They may well be relatives, friends and acquaintances.
  7. Delegate. If in the process of completing a task you find that you do not have the necessary skills, it is better to delegate their execution to competent specialists. This applies to any, including domestic issues. So, for example, if you are not sure that you can quickly and accurately clean the carpet, then it is better to give it to dry cleaning, in the meantime, having started another business.

But the main rule to improve their own performance - the belief in yourself. If you think positively, praise yourself for achievements and believe in further success, he will certainly come to you.

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