How to increase memory at the expense of operational

To increase the size of the memory on your system unit, you need to find out what type of memory its motherboard supports. Go to the manufacturer's website and find out this question. Now three types of RAM are used:
- DDR � transmits 2 bits of information for each I / O buffer in a single clock cycle. The module (printed circuit board, on which the memory chips themselves are soldered) has 184 contacts. Power supply is 2.5 V. This memory is almost outdated and is not supported by new motherboards;
- DDR2 - data transfer rate is 2 times higher than that of DDR, i.e. 4 bits per clock, operating voltage 1.8 V and 240 pins on the module;
- DDR3 - transmits 8 bits per working cycle. Requires only 1.5 V supply voltage. Like the DDR2 module, there are 240 pins.
The lower the supply voltage, the better the temperature characteristics of the memory modules and the system as a whole. This is especially important for laptops.
Be careful when buying and trying to install RAM bars on the motherboard: the form factor of all three types of memory differs by the placement of the key (slot) between the contacts.One type of bar cannot be inserted into a slot for another type without breaking a module or slot. Some motherboards have DDR2 and DDR3 connectors, but only memory of the same type can work at the same time: either DDR2 or DDR3.
An important feature of RAM is throughput. It is equal to the product of the clock frequency by the amount of information transmitted per clock cycle. Keep in mind that the memory clock frequency must match that of the system bus � a higher memory speed is simply not supported by the motherboard. The high-speed module will operate at the system bus frequency, and its remarkable abilities will be wasted.
Of great importance are the memory timings - the number of ticks between the arrival of a command and its execution. The lower the timings, the higher the system performance. Not all sellers consider it necessary to indicate this parameter, so before buying the memory, go to the manufacturer�s website and carefully study all its characteristics.
The parallel operation of two identical memory modules is called dual channel mode. In this case, the data transfer rate is doubled.To ensure that the modules are guaranteed identical, it is better to buy kit'y - sets that are designed to work in dual channel mode. Modules in such sets are tested when working together.
Disconnect the power supply from the system unit. Remove the side panel and insert the memory strip into the corresponding slots tightly until it clicks. The plastic latches securing the slats in the slots should close. After turning on the computer when polling iron, the size of the RAM is reported in the second line of the screen. If the memory is supported by the motherboard, and you have correctly installed the modules, the system will show the correct result.

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