How to include spring trends in your everyday wardrobe

Admit it, you also do it: share all your clothes in fashionable and casual. The first is worn on a special occasion, and the second is worn most of the time. This is a logical consequence of the fact that many trends are hard to imagine in a standard wardrobe: the climate, lifestyle, wallet and common sense simply do not allow us to follow all the trends without thinking. But can not casual be fashionable? We believe that practicality and bearability are inherent features of any global trend. Designers of the brand of clothes Baon share our beliefs and therefore made sure that this spring you can look fashionable every day.


Immediately make a reservation: call a denim trend is not so honest. Denim clothing is worn anytime, anywhere, only the silhouettes and features of the decor vary from season to season. In the spring of this year, a "hooligan" look at everyday jeans models will be in fashion.Shortened, loose-fitting, decorated with various chevrons, decorative fading and material damage - these are the pants that should receive your attention first. The main "opponent" of denim fashion this spring is simplicity, so feel free to wear denim from head to toe, without neglecting its most original styles and shapes.

How to include spring trends in your everyday wardrobe

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No matter how paradoxical it may sound, dressing “just” is not so easy. In a concise manner with a minimum of finish, all its flaws become visible in full view. That is why it is very important to carefully select each element of such a dress, paying attention to the combination of colors, textures, silhouettes and the quality of materials. The easiest way to learn how to dress in a trendy minimalist trend is to start from its basics. Among them are proven combinations of black and white, graphic geometric patterns and fabrics with an unusual texture. Are you afraid to get bored? Then use bright accents: for example, refreshing shades of menthol color.

How to include spring trends in your everyday wardrobe

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It may seem that this trend is absolutely not suitable for everyday wardrobe. Brilliant fabrics, original cut, unusual silhouettes ... All this directly contradicts our wishes regarding the neutrality and practicality of casual wear. But according to this tendency, it is not at all necessary for you to dress from head to toe: it is enough to have at least one fashionable element in your wardrobe. It can be metallic sneakers that look great with jeans and form a bold and bright mix with business pants, or a skirt of iridescent material. Another option - outerwear in a futuristic style. Try to combine a spectacular jacket with basic things to achieve harmony and balance in the image.

How to include spring trends in your everyday wardrobe

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Rose quartz and serenity

If you follow the news from the world of fashion, you probably already understood that it will be about the main shades of 2016 according to the version of the Pantone Color Institute. Light, pastel colors are easy to imagine in warm and sunny weather, but what if the day was dank and the rain pours out of the bucket? No panic: you can look fashionable even on the gray streets of the city.We are lucky that both of these shades look great in combination not only with each other, but with your favorite blue jeans, so use them locally. Pullover or blouse fashionable color - the key to a good mood for the whole day. Do not be afraid to extend the theme of tenderness to outerwear: the jacket of the “rose quartz” shade will warm you no worse than the jacket in the tone of “Marsala”.

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