How to glue plastic to plastic?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
March 30, 2015
How to glue plastic to plastic?

To connect parts made of plastic, you can choose the method of bonding - this is one of the most common and reliable ways. In this process of joining, it is important to choose correctly not only the plastic itself, but also the glue corresponding to it. The choice of material is so important that it depends on how firmly the product will hold. In order not to spoil the design, you need to choose the right thing to glue the plastic to the plastic.

But first you need to figure out what plastic is. You can learn about it from the article What is plastic.

How to glue plastic

The bonding strength depends on the properties of materials, as well as on design and technological parameters. It is also important which glue is chosen. To find out what type of plastic you are holding in your hands, you need to pay attention to the secondary treatment sign - this is a triangle with arrows. If the sign contains the letters PS or the number 6, then polystyrene is in your hands.This type of material is glued with Superglue, epoxy glue or plastic cement. In addition, a substance called cyanoacrylate or “glue second” is suitable for this material.

If the recycling mark has different numbers, then Loctite glue and epoxy glue can be used.

Plastic bonding technique

  1. In order for the structure to hold tight, you must first remove dust and other contaminants from the surface. It can be rinsed with water or rubbed with isopropyl alcohol.
  2. To make the surface more rough, it needs to be sanded with emery paper. Now you need to prepare the glue. For example, epoxy adhesives involve pre-mixing several components. This process is carried out according to the requirements on the label.
  3. Apply the finished glue to the surface, attach the second part and fix or clamp the two structural elements.

Following the instructions, you can quickly glue the two plastic parts.

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