How to give birth to a boy

How to give birth to a boy, what to do?

How to give birth to a boy, what to do?

We continue to make predictions about the sex of our future offspring and talk about how to give birth to a boy with the maximum probability. We will not repeat that only one God knows who he will reward us with, this is clear to everyone. But if all the same there is a minimal chance to somehow rearrange the forces or factors in favor of the boy, then the parents will certainly need to take advantage of this chance.


How to give birth to a boy table



There are different tables. Let's try to turn our eyes also to the diet method. Among the representatives of the weaker sex, and of course in the very first place, of mothers who just constantly give some advice, a set of products is popular that will help to give birth to a boy or a girl.


There is no scientific evidence under this list, but, however, why don't you make such an attempt if you really want to know how to plan a boy. Well, if you still decide that you want to give birth to a male child, then your diet should mainly consist of meat products, fish, sausage, pasta, potatoes, olives, cucumbers and dates.I write it is necessary to salt it well, since the main evidence of the loyalty of this method lies only in the fact that women who gave birth to boys received more potassium and sodium in food.


Not a bad sign, and especially for those who really want to give birth to a boy, is a dream in which the process of childbirth really ends with the birth of a child whose sex you want.


How to give birth to boy methods




For the same women who are very thoughtful about the issue of forecasting and gender, there is one scientifically proven method, which we will now talk about. It is based, by the way, on a completely, scientifically proven fact that spermatozoa have a different lifespan, precisely after they hit the female vagina. And that at this very moment the most important thing, the life expectancy depends on the very chromosome that exists in the sperm.


What does this mean, and how to use it from a practical point of view? However, if you didn’t know until now, then for the birth of a boy, it is necessary that the egg cell be fertilized with a sperm cell with a chromosome, and for the birth of a female child, a sperm cell is needed, on the contrary, with the X chromosome.Consequently, those who carry the chromosome play much less than their counterparts with X.

How to give birth to a boy

How to give birth to a boy


We have written more than once how to determine your ovulation and what methods for this are available, you can search on the site. But if you are a disciplined woman who likes to control everything, it’s enough to keep a schedule of basal temperature. And those who do not have enough time, and to whom all this is absolutely useless.


Older people advise young parents, especially fathers, for the birth of a boy, to tune in to the boy. So it is necessary even to the very moment of conception to dream and think about your heir. Familiarize for this with the instruction how to bathe a newborn and think about the son.


We will also talk about the seasonal method, when, as they say, nature itself cares about making boys more fanciful to care, born in the most favorable months. It is recommended to plan conception so that childbirth falls in spring time, the last days of summer or the beginning of autumn. In this case, if you rely on popular rumor, boys are born much more often than girls.




After getting acquainted with all the fortune-telling and predictions on this topic, it may well seem that there is no absolutely reliable and absolutely correct method for giving birth to a boy. However, this is not quite true. This type of medical manipulation, such as in vitro fertilization, can be applied to those couples who can become pregnant without any help there, but want to be sure that they will have a child of a particular sex.


In short, the essence of this method lies in the fact that the egg itself is removed from the woman, and the spermatozoon is taken from the man with the necessary chromosome, the egg is fertilized in the laboratory, and the woman sits down. She is carrying her unborn child, and is firmly convinced that she will have a boy. Of course, such an operation costs a lot of money, and it is not always possible, but still when a child of a particular sex is needed for different medical indicators, there is no other way out.


In summary, I would like to recommend married couples to approach this issue in a complex. It's not enough just how to give birth to a boy's table, in order for you to conceive a child of a certain sex, you need to pass all the necessary tests and tips.Try to calculate on the Chinese table, then on the Japanese table, then on the method of updating blood, choose the best time to conceive in the sense of the season, then try to observe the month before the prescribed date of conception recommended for a particular sex diet.

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