How to get rid of stress in 2 minutes

Smile. A smile calms and reduces internal anxiety. Smile at yourself in the mirror or draw a smiley and hang it in a prominent place.
Warm your hands. When fear or anxiety takes hold of you, the nervous system directs the bloodstream to the large muscles, which at a subconscious level indicates protection from physical danger, so the hands become cold. When you try to warm them, the nervous system is automatically informed that you are safe and inner peace comes.
Donate some funds. It doesn't matter if a poor grandmother or a disabled person, donation is a kind of karmic action that will psychologically positively affect the fight against stress, improving morale.
Eat something from whole grains. Popcorn or cereals - such food contains a large amount of carbohydrates, which raise the level of sugar in the blood, in turn increasing the level of serotonin - a neurotransmitter responsible for calm and positive feelings.
Dig in the garden.In 2011, Dutch scientists found out that just 30 minutes of gardening or working in the garden effectively soothes and reduces stress levels.
Hug yourself. When you are tormented by negative thoughts, a signal is sent to the brain that raises blood pressure, adrenaline and cortisol levels (�death hormone�) in the blood. Researchers at such moments recommend hugging themselves that they can reassure you internally.
Move around. Just 2 minutes of exercise or movement is enough to change the mood, while heart rate increases. Squats or jumps give a surge of neurotransmitters, such as norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin - antidepressants.
Eat a chocolate bar. The taste of sweets on the tongue increases the level of the hormone endorphin, causing a surge of well-being. Dark chocolate also contains flavonoids that positively affect the mood.
Spend aromatherapy. Essential oils of lemon, lime and orange are known to elevate mood. Mix 15 drops of essential oil with two tablespoons of water, spray around the room, or add this mixture to the aroma lamp so that the air in the room is soaked with the smell of citrus. Also, before going to bed, the smell of lavender oil will have a positive effect.You can make special aroma bags and hang them above the bed.

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