How to get rid of facial wrinkles

Our life is filled with joyful and sad moments and every emotion, be it laughter or tears, leaves its marks on our faces - mimic wrinkles. Do not confuse mimic wrinkles with age! Unfortunately, they can appear even at a young age. It happens that the early wrinkles on the face is heredity, but most often this is a consequence of increased emotionality. An important role in the formation of mimic wrinkles is played by the condition of the epidermis and the dermis, metabolism in the skin layers, nutrition of cells, exposure to ultraviolet radiation, bad habits, the use of poor-quality cosmetics.


Mimic wrinkles in addition to aesthetic problems have problems of the communicative plan, because the face of a person who has wrinkles in the corners of the lips and on the forehead, acquires sullen features, it may give the impression that this person is constantly angry or dissatisfied with something. The first impression from acquaintance with such a person is not the most pleasant thing and it will not be easy to communicate with him at a business meeting, as others will constantly be deceived by his forever displeased facial expression.So what to do if they appeared, and how to remove them? This site will tell useful tips.



How to get rid of mimic wrinkles around the eyes



Today, modern cosmetology proposes muscle relaxants to fight mimic wrinkles - products that are aimed at softening active facial expressions, and at the same time moisturizing the skin of the face. There is an internal method of fighting mimic wrinkles and external. With the internal method, the drug "Botox", which has become very popular all over the world, is used. It is based on botulinum toxin A, which, when administered intramuscularly, leads to muscle relaxation, and this leads to the smoothing of wrinkles.


Botox injections eliminate facial wrinkles on the forehead and nose, around the mouth and the corners of the eyes. Botox can be used virtually at any age, if there are no contraindications related to health. After botox injections for three days you can not drink alcohol, carbonated drinks, you can not go to the sauna and solarium, as well as actively engage in sports. The first changes after the introduction of Botox can be seen already on the second day, after 2 weeks the effect reaches a maximum and lasts from 3 to 9 months.After this time, mimicry is fully restored, repeated administration of the drug, as a rule, gives a longer effect - about a year.


Many young girls are concerned about the question if there are not deep facial wrinkles on the face: how to remove wrinkles in this case, can we use some external means or need an injection of Botox? No, if mimic wrinkles are not very noticeable and there are not many of them, it is enough to use muscle relaxants based on synthetic peptides. This means for external use can be fully used independently in the home. These substances act as well as Botox, they reduce muscle contraction, lead to their relaxation. The skin after the use of these drugs becomes smoother and taut.


You should know that, unlike injections, any drugs for wrinkles of external use retain facial expressions, just make it less active. They have no contraindications, you will not see the effect of such medications in a day or a week, the first significant results appear after a month of using such creams, for example.

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