How to get Minecraft?

Minecraft is a representative of the open world sandbox genre in which you can create reality at your own discretion. Its creator is the user under the nickname Notch, he managed in a few months to attract a huge audience to his creation. The game has become very popular, and after years the interest in it does not fade. More and more people want to know how to get through Minecraft. Below you will learn a few secrets and be able to fulfill your dream.

How to play Minecraft

It is not easy to go through this game, because every year it becomes more difficult, but many additional functions are added, thanks to which you will be able to leave the adventure in the unusual world as a winner.


When a player enters the world of Minecraft, it seems to him that reality is aggressive and intimidating. First you need to look around and find out where you are. This can be one of the following biomes:

  • plain;
  • tundra;
  • forest;
  • desert;
  • dark forest;
  • swamp;
  • canyons.

It is best to be on the plain, because there you can easily find resources that will later come in handy for the creation of certain items.As a rule, a player’s character appears at dawn, so he has a little time to hide and collect resources, because in a few minutes darkness will come and evil mobs can attack him - zombies, creepers and skeletons.

Making tools

After the first night you need to go to search for resources, namely wood, stone and sand. With their help, it will be possible to create all the necessary tools for further existence:

  • pickaxe;
  • shovel;
  • hoe;
  • sword;
  • ax.

Subsequently, it will be possible to go for coal to the mines, but there you have to be wary of monsters who can kill the character.


As soon as it is possible to create tools of first necessity, it will be possible to start arranging your home, which should be located near the water. You should also take care of food, otherwise the character will die of hunger. For this it is recommended to create a farm. It is necessary to dig a hole in the ground or fence a small area where animals will be bred. It's best to start with chickens, as this is the easiest. After all, they carry eggs, from which chickens come. They quickly grow and multiply.

You can also use bread as food.To do this, you need to find wheat, grains can later be planted in the ground and grow a good crop.


Minecraft is a very insecure world, because a player’s character can easily die at the hands of a skeleton, a zombie, or a resident of another world. For this reason, you will need to create an ammunition for yourself, so that in the event of an attack, the mobs can fight back and save their lives. Armor can be made from materials such as diamonds, iron, leather and others. These materials also have to be mined in the mines.


In Minecraft there are several portals in which you can visit and collect rare resources. After that, they can be used to create rare items and potions. To get to Hell, Heaven, Cosmos or the Edge, you will need to create a door and activate it.

Black Dragon and the end of the game

The game will not be completed until you kill the black dragon who lives in the Land. You can get to this place through the portal, which is located in an abandoned castle. This place can be found only if the Eye of the Region shows the right path. Having entered the Land, you will find yourself in complete darkness, and at any moment the evil inhabitants of this place may attack you.You need to repel their attack, otherwise the character will die. Your task is to find the Dragon and kill him; when you have an egg in your hands, you can return to your world and live on.

Defeating the black dragon is not easy, so you will need to dress in enchanted armor and avoid the monster's gaze. His power is in the crystals on the obsidian towers, so they will need to be all destroyed. Be careful: they explode, so take care of shelter. Then you can start killing the Dragon.

Now you know how to play Minecraft.

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