How to get in shape by the summer

Am I all to what? To the fact that I also have a tactic, how to get myself in shape by the summer. Simple, understandable, easily digestible. And before him, my dear, days are mercilessly melting ...

The plan is designed for a month - the time when it is possible to see the changes in the mirror in the mirror. Like it - go on. While sticking with it, it is quite possible to catch up to the bikini season. For a long time I recommend not thinking, just start doing it by biting the bit.

Pash, sorry for the straightforwardness, in the system to DO / EAT. And most importantly - do not experience any stress about this. Remember: even the lamest horse will ever get to the finish line and will receive at least a carrot as a reward.


Drown fat

Everything is very simple here. Any tolerance cardio for you after a good workout. Be it running on the spot, on the ground, jumping rope, bike or ellipse. Count on 10-15 minutes 3-4 times a week. On nutrition: cheesecakes and pretzels are set aside until September, if you plan to show off the elastic parts of the body also in the velvet season.Add vegetables to steamed vegetables, lean meat or fish, and reduce salt intake. Clean drinking water and drinks without sugar - sure "yes"! One-time detox program on juices, if the condition of the gastrointestinal tract allows, and refusal of refined oils will be useful. Give preference to grape, flaxseed, coconut. Creamy on bread - on great holidays.

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Push ups

Sometimes everyone is so worried about the bottom, that they ignore the top. And in vain. Tight triceps, designed muscles of the hands - it's incredibly beautiful. And men of such women on the beach do not miss ... We perform a classic wide grip. If it's hard, put your knees on the floor. Belly tucked up, keep it in good shape. And forward. Three sets of 10 times.

We reduce the blades

My favorite and very effective exercise. Opens the chest, improves posture. Elbows parallel to the floor, palms and elbows are flattened. Shoulders lowered. We raise hands on exhalation, we reduce our scapula, as if pencil between them. One approach, or 30 times.

A hundred

What could be easier than doing basic squats a hundred times? Right! Perform them a hundred times. Feet on the width of the pelvis or a little wider. Knees do not start by the edges of the feet.The pelvis is pulled back, trying to sit down on an improvised chair. With exhalation grow up. If this figure terrifies you and makes the blood run cold, start the first week with 30 squats, adding 5 each day.

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About nutrition Japanese wrestlers lay down legends. In their mode, there are 20,000 calories per day, while the average person consumes no more than 3,500, plentiful lunches and dinners, and certainly a sweet afternoon nap. Such a diet is not for a bikini, but the technique of squats is good. It involves a wide setting of the legs and socks turned outward. We keep the back straight, the top of the head tends upwards.
Squats are a bit like plie. And they perfectly train problematic inner thighs and buttocks. Three sets of 30 times, and you will be happy.


To make yourself a beautiful flat stomach is a complete joy. We don’t talk about any dice, we just tone up what nature and winter heavy nights have given us. At first it can be difficult, but then, having measured the waist circumference, you will be dragged. Exercise "Rock Climber" as well as possible trains endurance and forms the core - the muscles of the body. Palms under the shoulders.Knees tightened, heels pushing back, pelvis twisted, stomach in good shape. We notice a minute on the stopwatch and cheerfully tighten the legs bent at the knees to the stomach. It is important not to rock the body and keep pace. The neck is long, breathing nose.

This program will take about an hour.

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