How to get a license to carry a traumatic weapon

How to get a license to carry a traumatic weapon

How to get a license to carry a traumatic weapon

In recent years it has become fashionable to have a weapon at home. Someone collects it, and someone buys for hunting or self-defense. Of course, not every weapon will be sold to the first comer, since the procedure for buying a real, even if traumatic, weapon requires collecting certain documents.


Moreover, even from a seemingly not dangerous traumatic pistol, very serious injuries can be inflicted on a person. Strangely enough, but for permission to firearms, traumatic or hunting, you need to go through one very important procedure - obtaining a license. How to get a license, i.e. permission, for example, a traumatic gun?


So, the first thing you should do is to issue a certificate 046-1 in a medical institution. Then pay a receipt for a license at the bank.Next, you need to go to your ATS unit and write a statement in the licensing and licensing department. Of course, you need to have a valid passport with you. Attach one copy to it. Do not forget to black and white photographs 3x4.


Within ten days, your application for carrying a traumatic weapon will be reviewed by the FRA. After that, the department will decide whether to issue a license to you or not. Remember that if you are still denied a license, the official paper should be the document of the refusal, and not the words of the department employee.


So, the documents you filed. After this, go to the store and buy a safe in which you will store your traumatic weapons. Unfortunately, this is not a joke - if you do not install a safe in the apartment, that is, you cannot ensure the safety of storing a pistol or a gun, then you most likely will not be given a license. By the way, if you just decided to get a license, then you can start at all with the purchase of a safe, and only then engage in collecting references and other documents.


Simultaneously with the purchase of a safe, you will need to pass exams that check how well you know where and how to store the weapon, in which cases it can be worn and used.Still, we are talking about traumatic weapons, which can be dangerous for human life.


And only in case of successful completion of all checks you will be issued a license to carry a traumatic weapon. It is usually issued after thirty days.


How to get a license to carry a traumatic weapon


How to get a traumatic weapon


As soon as you have a license in your hands, you can safely go to the store and buy the necessary weapons. To acquire a traumatic weapon, you need to remember that only a small purchase. It is imperative to register weapons in OHRR, and do this within two weeks. In the personal observation case, the personnel number of the acquired gun or rifle will be entered. Your experience with a traumatic weapon will begin.


From this point on, you can use a traumatic weapon for your own purposes. Now you have both a gun and a license. Of course, the weapon must be treated carefully and not passed on to strangers or even close friends. Remember that only you are responsible for it.


By the way, it is not necessary to make a purchase immediately after receiving the license - it is valid for five years, during this period you can buy weapons. Remember that you can renew your license if you still need it.The renewal procedure should begin three months before the expiration of the current document. To extend the license, you will have to perform the same actions as when it was received.

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