How to gain weight quickly

How to gain weight quicklyHow to gain weight quickly

Approximately two percent of people who are dissatisfied with their figure, dream not to lose weight, and get well. The problem of weight deficit can be no less acute and painful than excess fatty tissue. Often gaining extra weight is much more difficult than losing weight.


To quickly gain weight you need:



- high-calorie diet;
- increase in the number of meals;
- high-intensity training in the gym


Visit your doctor to rule out medical problems. Sometimes excessive leanness is associated with a violation of the hormonal background and, first of all, with problems in the functioning of the thyroid gland.


Increase the number of meals, it will help you gain weight naturally and quickly. At one time the liver can process and direct for the growth of muscle mass only a limited amount of sugars and fats. All the excess is converted into fatty tissue and deposited not only on the sides, but also on the walls of blood vessels, which leads to the development of atherosclerosis.


Do not get carried away with sweet and very fatty foods.Fast carbohydrates lead to a sharp increase in insulin levels in the blood, and then just as quickly fully processed. Such jumps are harmful to the hormonal system and can cause the development of diabetes.


Add to your diet more fat cottage cheese, fatty sea fish, nuts, dried fruit, cheese, hard varieties. These products have a high calorie content and at the same time contain a large amount of nutrients and vitamins.


To increase the number of calories consumed does not cause the appearance of body fat, be sure to play sports. Your task is to build muscle mass, and this will help you workout in the gym.


Train in the gym for 40-60 minutes. Longer workouts lead to a decrease in intensity. The increase in muscle mass is due not to the duration of the session, but to the workload of the muscles.


Work at a high pace with maximum intensity and weight. Train with a barbell or dumbbells. It also helps to quickly gain weight for a man and a woman.


Include basic free weight exercises.Bench press from the chest, deadlift, bench press above the head, squats with a barbell are simultaneously working on large groups of muscles. It helps to gain muscle mass faster.


Muscle volume increases during their recovery. Therefore, be sure to relax in between workouts. The more intense the training, the more valuable rest the body needs. For beginners, it’s enough to train three times a week.


After training for 30 minutes, eat ice cream or drink a glass of sweet yogurt. The body recovers the energy spent during exercise, and if it does not receive enough protein, it will take it from the muscle fibers. That is, the increase in body weight will go at a slower pace.


Useful tips on how to gain weight quickly


Women suffering from a deficiency of muscle mass, too, must be engaged in the gym with dumbbells or neck from the barbell. Dancing, aerobics, yoga and Pilates will not help your muscles to increase in volume. They just pull them up. Do not worry about becoming like Arnold Schwarzenegger. The hormonal background of the female body is not designed to recruit excessive muscle mass.Professional athletes take an artificial analogue of male hormones to acquire impressive muscles. It does not threaten you.

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