How to find your talent?

Many people are sure that being able to do what you love, which also brings a good income, is an important part of a happy and successful life. But in order to build such a life for yourself, you must first take one important step - it is to determine your talents. Remember that there are no people who are mediocre, there are people who have not yet discovered their talents. Therefore, if you are eager to reveal yourself, to find out what your purpose is, we offer you some tips on how to find your talent.

Talent search

To find out what your talents are, you can start simple.

  • Think about what you like to do and what you can do well. Write down all the answers you can give to this question, from the simplest to the most complex. Then analyze them and highlight those that are closest to you and which can be applied in real life. It is these answers that will speak about your talents.
  • How to recognize your talent? You can also go a longer, but more practical way.Try yourself in different areas, learn new things, get different hobbies, even those that at first glance seem to be completely inappropriate. After some time, you will begin to notice that it is from all this that gives you pleasure and what you do best. These are also your talents.
  • How to find a talent? Another way is to turn to your dreams. Man's dreams are also capable of pointing out his talents. Write down all your dreams, starting in adolescence. Pay special attention to those that have not been lost so far (long-term dreams) and to those whose implementation you particularly desire. Now from this list, drop all material dreams (such as to acquire something). Leave those who can determine the development of your personality or the formation of your profession and the main business in life. If there are several suitable options, then you will either choose the most suitable one and develop one of your talents, or try yourself in all and choose what you need by practice.

How to reveal your talent: technique

I would like to suggest that you consider one interesting method for determining the talents of a person, the author of which is Ivan Pirog.With the help of it, each person will be able to find out his talents on his own, as well as understand what is better for him to do in life. For work you need a thin notebook and pen. So, consider the method of how to determine your talent, step by step.

Step 1

Remember and write down all your dreams, from the earliest years. What did you dream of as a child, at school, as a student, now? All this needs to be fixed. It must be dreams that concern you personally, who talk about what you want for yourself.

Step 2

It is necessary to divide all dreams into two large groups: "Have" and "Be." The first category will include all dreams that express your desire to purchase specific items - a car, an apartment, a TV, a computer, etc. Dreams from the second category are aimed at developing your personality, your characteristics, aspirations of your soul (drawing pictures, being a dancer, learning a foreign language, etc.). In the future, you will analyze only the dreams of the category "Be".

Step 3

It is necessary to strain your memory, to remember and record those moments when you felt in certain situations an emotional response to the activity of a person.For greater clarity, give an example. You dreamed of becoming a ballerina and one day you saw a very talented and famous ballerina performing on TV. At that moment you thought: “I wish I did that!”, “How I want to be in her place!” and so on Remember those moments when you saw, heard, read, learned that a person has achieved success in the area that is interesting for you. At these moments you felt an uplift, interest, desire to achieve the same. Record these points as well.

Step 4

You should write down everything that you liked to do before and what you like to do now. This can be a favorite job, daily activities, hobbies and hobbies.

Step 5

It is necessary to analyze the recorded and discard all unnecessary and inappropriate.

Cross out what is already irrelevant. For example, in childhood you wanted to become an astronaut, but now you don’t feel like it, or because of health it is impossible. Cross out like that. Then we delete from the list everything that does not cause an emotional response. To do this, try to visualize every dream, to imagine yourself in the role of the person who is involved in this business.If this does not work, we delete it. If it turns out to be done, but does not cause any emotional response in your soul, we delete as well. You can enter a 10-point dream rating scale. Estimate the most important and causing a strong emotional response, the opposite - low. After this, cross out all dreams with low marks.

Step 6

Need to group your dreams. Look at the remaining list of dreams and think about how they can be connected, can your dreams have logical connections with each other? Let's say you dream of sewing clothes and starting your own business. Combined, these two dreams give you the idea of ​​opening your own atelier - here you have your own business and the opportunity to do sewing. By this principle, try to group your dreams. After that, highlight the main idea in each group and headline the groups based on this idea.

Step 7

Taking the names of groups as a basis, look for their points of contact, connections. Example: there were three groups - travel, ability to foreign languages, communication with different people. In conjunction, they may indicate the following areas of work: a special correspondent abroad,creating and managing your own travel agency, the opportunity to become a professional traveler, professional translation activities, etc.

Step 8

You need to identify specific areas of work where your talents can be revealed. Write down all that comes to mind, and then select the most appropriate of them (for example, in the last paragraph).

Step 9

The final definition of his occupation in life. After weighing all the pros and cons, you can decide what suits you best. Now it remains only to find practical application for their talents! Congratulations!

We have offered you several options for discovering talent in yourself. Now everything is in your hands. Try, look, because who is looking for - he will find!

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