How to find a favorite?

In any search, one way or another, there is an element of chance. As for the search for one’s own half, this factor can increase by several times, because you never know where, under what circumstances and, most importantly, who you meet. Nevertheless, even though love is often blind, my recommendations on how to find your beloved can be very useful to you. I divided the article into two parts, the first of which is devoted to virtual searches (what to do - technologies dictate their own conditions, and this is not always a bad thing), and the second one is real.

How to find a beloved woman on the Internet

We will not give here a detailed search criteria, much more important is what. Think about what kind of woman you want to meet: "quiet home" or "socialite". This is much more important than appearance, since from the outside you may like women who you might not like at all before. Appearance is important for dating, a woman should be pleasant - this is a fact. But then completely different factors come into play. Namely: manners, character and attitude towards you.Now about the "technology", how to find your favorite. Take a look around: you have a lot of ways to meet, you just do not use most of them. What, for example, bad internet? The only remark: consider the Internet as a platform for dating, but do not tighten the virtual relationship. This is even more important if you live in the same city or nearby. A few days of virtual dating is enough to translate it into real. Otherwise, a large number of different fears and misjudgments about a woman will accumulate. And the point is not whether she deceives you or not. She may be crystally honest with you, but you may be surprised at meeting some of her manners, and the more you communicate virtually without a real meeting, the more difficult it will be to overcome established stereotypes about a woman. Therefore - draw conclusions. If you are a homebody and spend the day on the Internet, go to a meeting of a thematic forum, because common interests are very important. Finally, an excellent way to get acquainted is the so-called “chats” that came into fashion in the early 2000s.So called meeting visitors of a particular online chat or a room in it. At one time, I often visited such meetings and I really liked them.

How to find a girlfriend

From the "real" ways you can note the meeting of friends, colleagues, trips or trips somewhere a big company. It is much easier to make acquaintance when you are not alone. What conditions must be met in order to meet your soul mate in this way? First, be easy going. Or become so. If a friend or girlfriend is calling you to a friendly party, and you are at this time looking for the girl of your dreams, it’s foolish to refuse such an offer, because your meeting can take place there. Do not be lazy to get out of the city by a large company, hang out with a close friend in the country house with new acquaintances - expanding the circle of acquaintances, you inexorably draw near your meeting. The acquaintance itself can occur in different ways. Someone may immediately look like an unfamiliar person, someone "matures" to the second or third meeting, and some may take weeks and months to understand that she is the same one. Therefore, calm down and think about whether there are any girls or women among your acquaintances to whom you did not pay special attention, but you could well have done it.If a girl is pleasant to you outwardly and fits your character, why not try to get to know each other better? And finally, I will tell you one simple truth, which for some reason is often forgotten in moments of sadness, but which does not become less significant and effective. Whatever happens, your only desire to meet your beloved is enough. It is the desire that sooner or later will lead you to the right place. Desires have properties to come true - and the stronger and more significant they are, the more likely it is that the desired will happen. Be sure of this, and everything will work out for you.

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