How to find out the tariff Tele2?

Evgeny Lukashenko
Evgeny Lukashenko
May 25, 2012
How to find out the tariff Tele2?

It often happens that we begin to suspect that our tariff plan is out of date. Indeed, it seems, everything seems to be fine, but these constant advertisements from competing operators confuse us. Therefore, at times it is simply necessary to know how to find out your tariff. Today we will talk about how to find out the tariff Tele2. There are several ways.

Tele2: how to find out which tariff?

Yes, it’s not enough to know which fare. Name alone is not enough! We need the details, the terms of the subscription fee, if any, the price for calls, SMS, MMS and other additional services provided.

To find out Tele2 tariff, subscribers need to:

  1. dial on your mobile phone * 107 #
  2. call number 630

In the first case, all the information about which Tele2 tariff you currently have connected to will be sent to SMS. In the second case, the operator will answer you.

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