How to find friends by interests


Each of us has friends who come from childhood. They are like a comfortable home-made blanket - always at hand, and very warm. We know that they are close, perfectly studied their shortcomings and dignities. We love these people as much as we can love our relatives and ourselves.

Friendship is a great gift that is not given to everyone in this world. Whoever you communicate with and you are not friends in life, only old friends are able to deeply understand and feel you and your experiences. If you managed to acquire in childhood a couple of friends who are still with you, you are lucky!

How to find friends by interests

However, some people do not stop there, and make good friends even more. They have their own reasons for this.

Three reasons to make friends

Why do people expand their social circle? You can list three reasons:

Old friends are good. You have common interests, hobbies and memories. But many people love variety. Therefore, new people with their ideas, views on life, spiritual aspirations and opportunities are something new, unexplored.Those who are interested in learning about the world, who are striving for self-improvement, will need to explore this world through new acquaintances. For example, the small home of a friend is a lost village high in the mountains.

This is an additional opportunity to awaken new talents in you or “stir up” those who have been asleep for a long time. If your new friend is an artist or a writer, why not try yourself in this role? In turn, you will teach a new friend to ski.
A new relationship is a clean sheet on which you write your friendship story. In addition, these are new people, a new social circle, where you will also find new friends.

However, communication with a new person begins with addiction. The adaptation period is associated with a certain discomfort. However, having survived it, you will be able to get good “bonuses” in the future.

Eight options for finding friends

But friends and acquaintances from the sky do not pour. Therefore, you need to know where to look for new ones, while not losing the old ones.

Why do you need a new friend?

First of all you must find the answer to this question. What exactly do you expect from a person, and what are your goals? Do you need a work friend to help you cope with difficulties, and with whom you can discuss problems in the office? Or do you want to find a companion for hobbies riding in tandem.Maybe you just need new communication and emotions. Decide on this question, otherwise your efforts will be in vain.

How to find friends by interests

Clubs and organizations of interest.

Look for friends in places where your interests converge. Exhibitions, fitness clubs, skating rinks, museums, clubs and clubs. There are many options. The main thing is to find something that is fascinating for you to find people with similar interests. For the most indecisive, you can advise to look for friends by interests on social networks, forums and blogs. Look for interesting topics for yourself, read carefully the discussions, and support the conversation.

The art of communication.

There are people who from birth are endowed with the gift of communication. They easily find a common language even with strangers. But most of us are not endowed with this skill. They cannot squeeze words out of themselves in the presence of outsiders. Therefore, learn to fascinate others. There are several principles of communication, which will not cause a negative reaction from the interlocutor. You must:

Be neatly dressed;
It is pleasant to smell (especially it concerns unpleasant smell from a mouth);
Do not speak a deliberate lie, gossip and stupidity;
Attentively, without interrupting listening to the interlocutor.

And remember to say that silence is like gold!


If you see a person in front of you who is interested in you, insist on continuing your communication. If you understand that he is the one who will give you more knowledge from the field that is important to you, do not miss the opportunity to get it. If you are interested in a person, as a partner for trips to the gym, cinema, swimming pool or cafe, take the first step yourself - invite! Maybe today he will refuse, but he will definitely consider your offer and find free time.


Popular expression that you first need to choose neighbors, and then an apartment, is not always true. How often do you communicate with people who live near you? In most cases, you have not exchanged with them and two words over the years of life in one stairwell. This is regrettable because it is the neighbor who can become your companion and friend. After all, if you find common interests with friends, it may be that this friendship will last a lifetime. And what could be better than seeing a bosom friend every day? It will be easier for you to communicate, no need to explain to the household where and how far you are going, the friend will always be there, and the interests will be common.

Social network.

On the Internet, you can quickly find friends by interests.It is easier for a person to communicate with a virtual interlocutor than to talk in reality. This is bad, but this is the case in the modern world with communication between people.

How to find friends by interests

So, you found a group in social networks or on forums where you communicate with those who are interested in what is curious about you. If you have been discussing different topics for a long time, you should set aside two or three people for yourself, whose answers you are waiting for with particular impatience. If you have not yet found it, you will definitely find it. Write a letter to these people in personal contacts. Do not insist and do not complicate, make it clear that you are interested in talking with them. As a rule, most agree to continue to talk on topics of interest to both sides in PM. After some time, try to translate virtual communication in the category of real. If everything goes well, then you will find common interests and a friend. However, remember that the first meeting is desirable to hold in crowded places. This will help overcome embarrassment.

Old friends

Have you thought about the fact that it is better to have one old reliable friend than to experience happiness and patience with a dozen new ones, which are not always the ones you want to see in front of you? If you have any hobbies and interests,why not devote a childhood friend to them? Are you crazy about spearfishing? A friend cannot even imagine that such a variant of hunting exists. Enlighten man! Give him the opportunity to experience something new.

What common interests can be with friends

First you need to say that you have to choose from two options:

Search for friends by interest;
Search for interests and friends with them.

There is a third - rare. it is that interests you and friends find themselves. But today is not about that. Talk about how to find friends if you are passionate about a particular idea and have knowledge of a particular issue.


The easiest way to find friends by interest is to visit that circle, club, section where people are passionate about what you are. These include:

Clubs of bikers, fishermen, hunters;
Sport sections;
Mugs of embroidery, weaving from beads, etc.

Enumerate can be infinite. It is not difficult to find information on the Internet, where the presence of similar establishments in your city is described in detail. They are paid, free, elite and at home. The choice is yours, dare!

How to find friends by interests

Here you will find those people who will be happy to see you, because you share their passion.Or maybe they will be delighted with the fact that you appeared and taught them something new.

Narrowly focused interests.

You searched for information about clubs that work in your city and did not find one that would meet your interests. Nearby there are no clubs for your hobbies in the presentation, which is familiar to most. How to find friends in interests that are not all interesting? There is internet! On forums, chat rooms, blogs and social networks, there are a lot of people who are also looking for communication and the opportunity to share their own achievements, to learn something new about their hobby from others. You will be a godsend for them! Amateur radio literally 30 years ago was just as popular as programming is now. However, today it is a tribute to time and a hobby for those who are fascinated by this relic of the past. Therefore, it is extremely rare to find those who support you and help develop these abilities.

Professional field.

If your main hobby is your job, and the goal in life is to reach career heights, then you should make friends with hobbies that are directly related to your professional activity.Ask the guide or yourself to look for refresher courses, and other courses on interests. You will be interested to learn something new that has come into the sphere of your activity, and together with other listeners to raise professionalism. In an environment where people find common points of contact, socializing develops rapidly. You will not even notice how you are already sitting with a group of the same experts in your business as you, and discussing issues of both professional and personal life.

Dating websites.

The vast majority of these sites help people find a soul mate, or a partner for sexual relations. There is no such site where one could find a friend by interests. Although, if you take as a basis these pages, and put some effort into the search, you can find a friend. The basis is taken that the person sitting on the other side of the screen did not just turn for help to this site. He is the same as you need to communicate. Presumably you will find a friend in his person. Although, if you look at the problem openly, do not rely on it, and waste valuable time.

In conclusion, I want to note the important points. Having received a long-awaited friendship, finding a person who is interesting to you not only as a companion in hobbies, we forget how difficult it was to establish contact, to earn the trust and respect of this person. We call at three o'clock in the morning to report our "drunken misfortune", we arrive at five in the morning to drink coffee, etc. Relationships of people are built on courtesy and respect for each other. Do not discuss the problems, grief or joyful events of a friend in the presence of strangers, do not reveal his secrets. Worse than cheating in friendship is only deception. Having lied once, you betray the person who believes you.

Has a quarrel happened? Do not find out which of you is right and who is to blame. Go to the reconciliation first. It is very easy to destroy what was created for so long and evolved bit by bit. And to become a creator and a strong foundation for a long and reliable relationship is hard work. Do not waste time, do not think about how to do it right. The only right decision is to make up immediately!

And one more nuance. Now that you have a new friend of interest, introduce him to people from your circle of contacts.Thus, you will give the opportunity to form a new friendly relationship. Friends talking will find common interests and hobbies. Perhaps one of them will find in the face of your friend a soul mate or a friend for life. The threads of understanding, trust and communication that connected you with friends will be intertwined with the thin threads of new relationships that are only born in the souls of people dear to you.

How to find friends by interests

Looking for a friend by interest is like finding a real friend. Can not two people, hobbies and points of view of which are opposite, become friends. Therefore, finding a friend by interest, you guarantee yourself a faithful ally, partner and companion for many years.

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