How to find a soul mate after 30 years?

Over the past hundred years, the world has changed beyond recognition: it is not only a matter of technical progress, but also the psychology of humanity as a whole. Traditions, concepts and foundations have been transformed, and, if only recently, a girl who has turned 30 years old is easily registered in the ranks of the “old maids”, today many women deliberately put off marriage for long.

Study, career, travel, and life for your own pleasure came to the fore, and a husband, children, and pots - can wait a bit. It’s not a shame to be lonely at that age, but after 30 years, the vast majority of women are already beginning to be puzzled by the problem of their personal life.

What prevents to find a mate at that age?

Interestingly, some 100 years ago, 20-year-old girls in Russia were called sour brides, and 100 years ago the overwhelming majority of young ladies tried to get married in 15-17 years old.

Today the situation has radically changed, and no one ever thinks up offending nicknames for such girls.Life expectancy has increased significantly, and at the same time, the institution of the family began to change.

If earlier the main goal of a woman was the birth of a child (and preferably several) and a home, today, ladies, in the first place, get an education and try to provide themselves with a successful career. Marriage is postponed until later, but why is it much harder to find a soul mate with this “later”?

  • Narrowing social circle. If during studies at the institute and even the first years after it, meetings, walks, parties and acquaintances are quite frequent in the life of young people, then at a later age, the way of life changes. How to get acquainted with an interesting person, if after 30 years your life route is fixated on: home-work, occasionally shop or meeting with an old friend, who is also most likely already married for a long time?
  • Serious competition. Needless to say, a person in 30 or more years is already a formed and established personality, which already has certain attitudes regarding the possible second half. If at an early age, we mainly look at the appearance and certain “chemistry” of organisms, then in the older such criteria there is much more: social status, appearance, world view, attitude towards children and family, and so on.All this greatly narrows the circle of possible candidates and without noticing it, we quickly push aside any possible options.
  • The power of habit. On the one hand, you feel that there is a desire to get a second half, but, on the other hand, you don’t really want to change your established habits. To adapt to someone, to seek compromises and to give in is easier at a young age, but the older we become, the harder it is to sacrifice something. By the way, women in this regard are a bit simpler, while men become so accustomed to lonely lifestyles that it is almost impossible to deduce them from among bachelors.
  • No sooner said than done. Unfortunately, there are frequent situations in which a single woman literally gives herself an attitude: I must find myself a husband! And as soon as this happens, all possible options evaporate somewhere. Experts say that these women even change their eyes, signaling to men "I want a serious relationship." But those, in their essence, are hunters, and from such assertiveness they simply give in, preferring to look for "their catch in another lake."

How to find love after 30 years?

At first,It is very important to change your outlook: do not try to purposefully find someone, release the situation and, you will not have time to notice, how your half will find you.

In addition, work on your self-esteem - it is not uncommon when a woman who has reached the number “30” begins to “draw” a fat cross on her personal life, they say, once at a young age did not cope with the search for the halves, now there is no special meaning no. A complex is growing in my head - “I’m not like that”, in other words, “with a defect”. And this is big nonsense!

Only a woman who knows how to love and appreciate herself can please someone else, and even more so, the opposite sex. Learn to be proud of yourself and your own life achievements - success in your career, hobby or other areas of life. Learn to accept compliments for your achievements, and also feel free to talk about them - let everyone know what a fine fellow you are!

In addition, you still have to work on your own list of preferences for which you are trying to choose a man. At a minimum, throw half out of it, the main thing that should remain in it is the feeling of spiritual comfort that arises when you are near it.

Remember that a high social status or an incredibly wide horizon of a half is not always the most important criteria that will make your future life truly happy.

Try to change your daily itineraries, add a few points to them, in which it is not difficult to meet new people. For example, choose a cafe near your home and take it as a habit, at least once a week, to go into it for a cup of coffee or tea.

And you do not need to come with a crowd of friends, namely, in solitude. Enjoy your favorite drink, you can read a couple of pages of your favorite book or make some notes in a notebook. The fact is that in such places there are also regulars who are often willingly acquainted with those who regularly visit their favorite places.

Do not forget about the strength of the Internet and social networks - here, strangely enough, you can also find nice and serious people who are just like you, are in search of your half. There are even special dating sites and so-called "electronic matchmakers" who are committed to bringing people together.

It is better to choose paid portals with a good reputation - there are much more chances to meet the maximum decent person with serious plans for the future.

If the Internet is not to your liking, you can get acquainted in the old way: in theaters, cinemas, at exhibitions, in the gym or in the park, but in order for this to happen, you need to get out to such places as often as possible! Do not be afraid to go on dates - only in person you can understand if this is your man and whether it is worth changing something in your life for him.

At the same time, do not forget to be engaged in yourself - only harmonious, deep and developed individuals are able to attract the attention of the opposite sex, well-groomed appearance - no one has canceled, for the success of the business you must be at the peak of your attractiveness!

And remember, the age after 30 is not a sentence at all, rather, it is a great time when you are already wise and experienced, provided with work and even, perhaps, housing, while you can still boast a flourishing appearance and well-groomed appearance. So, all the cards are in your hands!

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