How to drink tequila?

Tequila belongs to the category of strong (38 - 40%) alcoholic beverages. But do not believe common myths that this is the same vodka! Tequila is made, as a rule, in Mexico, where blue agave grows. From her fermented juice and get this drink. Learn to drink tequila correctly! In the article we will tell you how to drink tequila.

Tequila with Tabasco - in the Mexican style

How to drink tequila in Mexico? It is customary to drink tequila from small, tall, narrow glasses with a massive bottom. They are called "cabalitos". The drink should not be very cold and very warm. Traditionally, in Mexico they drink tequila, not diluting and not eating. But it can be washed down with a mixture of tomato juice and lime juice. Mexicans add a drop of tabasco sauce to the juice. This pepper sauce is very spicy, so add this ingredient carefully. Tabasco consists of red hot pepper, vinegar and salt. Real Mexicans know how to drink Tabasco tequila. How else can you drink tequila?

How to drink tequila with lime and salt

A small amount of salt is poured on the back of the hand near the thumb. In your other hand you already have a drink.Then you quickly lick salt, turn over a glass and eat a quarter of lime (in the absence of lime, take tequila, salt, lemon).

How to drink tequila boom

To make a tequila boom cocktail, mix 30 ml in a glass. tequila and 30 ml. tonic (you can use another carbonated drink). Then you should cover the glass with your hand or a napkin and shake it by hitting the table with its bottom. Immediately after this, the drink foams and is quickly drunk.

Tequila with cinnamon, orange and sugar

In a small container, sugar is mixed with cinnamon. Orange is cut into half rings. Slice of orange should be rolled in sugar and cinnamon, and you get an original snack to tequila. Tequila with cinnamon - a daring combination, tequila with orange - a brilliant taste!

Tequila Gold - how to drink gold tequila

Tequila Gold gets its golden hue by adding caramel. Girls prefer to drink gold tequila, because it has a light taste and aroma of caramel.

Golden tequila properly drunk in its pure form. It is also used to make cocktails. "Margarita" - a popular cocktail of tequila, which you will be offered in any bar! But you can cook it yourself.

In the traditional version of "Margarita" contains tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice. For the classic version it is important to respect the proportions Three parts tequila, two parts orange liqueur and one part lime juice. You can substitute lime juice for other fruits or berries. Of course, it is better to squeeze the juice yourself, and not to get ready.

When we mixed the ingredients, it's time to add ice and whip everything in a shaker.

Useful tips

Finally, for those who like tequila and connoisseurs of traditions, such useful tips can be useful:

  • Do not freeze tequila! Tequila to drink moderately warm.
  • Do you want to try tequila for the first time? Do not drink the first glass quickly. Feel its taste in a small sip of the drink.
  • In tequila taste is important, not flavor! Do not warm it in your hand for a long time.

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