How to draw text

You will need
  • computer, Microsoft Office Word
To easily cope with the formatting of texts in the program Word, you just need to use several "proven" techniques. To align text in width, left or right, select a document partially or completely. Select the necessary alignment option on the toolbar (each button has a corresponding picture). The same action can be performed using only the keyboard due to various key combinations. To align text in width, use Ctrl + J, for left alignment - Ctrl + L, for right alignment - Ctrl + R, for center alignment - Ctrl + E.
If the text was imported from the Internet, it may initially have very bad formatting. In order to correct the document, it is necessary to select all the text and in the "Styles" window select the item "clear format".
If you have Microsoft Office Word 2007 installed, select the Home tab, located at the top of the window, and go to the Styles group (there will be an �Clear Format� message).This way you will remove the original formatting of the document and be able to create your own.
Sometimes, even typing in Word with your own hand, you may have difficulty aligning elements. This is due to the fact that many characters are not displayed on the monitor and remain invisible to the author of the document (this can be a space, a transfer, etc.). In order to get rid of unnecessary hidden items, in the file menu, select the item �Home� and click on the line �show all signs�. After that, all spaces, hyphens, etc. will be displayed in the working file. By removing some of them, you can easily format the electronic document.

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