How to draw a ceiling?

Lyubov Shalabayeva
Lyubov Shalabayeva
March 21, 2013
How to draw a ceiling?

There is no limit to human fantasy. And best of all she manages to translate it into her own home. By purchasing apartments, people realize their wildest designer dreams in them. One of the interesting findings is to bring the ceiling to an unusual appearance. There is nothing duller than a regular white ceiling. Much more fun when you raise your head, you will see white clouds against the blue sky. Having decorated the ceiling in this way, you will surprise all your guests. If you are thinking about how to paint the sky on the ceiling, we are ready to tell you about this fascinating and uncomplicated process. So let's get started!

Purchase of materials, surface preparation

First you need to purchase all the necessary materials in a special economic department. Also suitable and hardware store. Calculate the total ceiling footage and buy the right amount of paint. As you probably already guessed, you will need paint in the following colors: blue, blue and white. However, you can buy only one white paint, and besides it additionally purchase a blue color scheme. It is best to use water-based paint.In addition, you will need a brush, removable coats and roller.

Now prepare the ceiling. This means that it will be necessary to remove all contamination in the form of greasy or dirty stains, as well as trays.

We start painting the ceiling

How to draw a ceiling? The first step is to dilute the color in white paint. If your ceiling is large, then take a large container to drain the white paint from several cans, and only after that dilute the color scheme into it. This is required in order for the color to be even and the same.

Now use a shag roller. With it, apply a light-blue paint on the ceiling. Spread it evenly over the entire surface. It is best to paint over the ceiling in two times.

Drawing clouds

Here we come to the most interesting, to the clouds. How to draw clouds on the ceiling? When the blue paint dries, use a soft porous sponge. Apply white paint with light patting movements, but in places not on the entire surface. Then leave to dry.

The next step is to take a new sponge or rinse the existing sponge. Dip a sponge into the blue paint and paint it on the ceiling with a patting motion. This will give the ceiling additional texture and volume.

Finishing touches

Now it remains to dry the ceiling and ventilate the room. Well, that's it, now you can admire your own home sky!

There is another way to bring the ceiling to the heavenly colors: paste over the ceiling wallpaper with pictures of clouds. But note that the wallpaper should be thin, they need to stick to the thick glue using conventional technology.

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