How to develop human speech

What is communication? Communication is the process of transmitting some information or data using speech, words, gestures and even non-verbal signals. Simply put, communication is the process of establishing contact and developing relationships between people.
In order to capture the attention of the audience (it does not matter, the whole conference hall or just onehuman), you obviously should set yourself up in a special way. What kind of people no doubt attract us and make us listen? Honest, open, direct, attentive and patient. Believe that you have all these qualities - and say! Be more confident.
To listen to you carefully, and most importantly - to hear, speak clearly. If clarity and clarity of presentation of thoughts is not your strong point, then do not be afraid to train. Take any classic book and start reading slowly and measuredly in a relaxed atmosphere. It helps a lot to get used to speaking clearly and clearly, so sit back in a pleasant environment and start exercising!
Do not be afraid to say what you think, even if your comment seems out of place at first glance. Fearing to speak out, people acquire insecurity in themselves and their thoughts, while depriving a potential interesting conversation not only of themselves, but also of those around them. So be bold and remember the famous saying: no one will remember you for your thoughts.
Communicate with interesting and beautifully expressing people, watching programs and interviews - all this forms an idea of ​​what is good and proper.speech, listen to audiobooks and podcasts. It shapes your thinking, and most importantly - stimulates logic and communication with conversationalspeechYu.

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