How to decorate wedding glasses

Wedding glasses are one of the most important attributes of this celebration. Of course, glasses for the bride and groom can be bought, but then the wedding loses its special unique style.

Today we will show you how to quickly decorate glasses for a wedding for young people. From ordinary glasses for champagne, we will together make works of art. Such a wedding masterpiece with their own hands will decorate the festive table.



How to decorate glasses for a wedding

Making wedding glasses is a delicate matter, and the result depends on the goal you are pursuing. Most often, young people stop their eyes on wine glasses in traditional black and white versions, or prefer satin bows, lace fabrics, pearl beads. Such decoration of glasses for a wedding is very common, and will not surprise your guests.

Let's see what ideas for decorating wedding glasses should be adopted, if your wedding is a special day that should pass under a unique scenario.

Glass decor stained glass

This rather interesting idea will appeal to those who are always in awe of bright artistic paintings and multi-colored stained glass windows. To decorate wedding glasses in such a technique, you will need outline stickers in the form of flowers, hearts, angels and everything that you would like to depict, as well as brushes and vintage paints of your favorite colors.

In the process, experiment. For example, it is better to use floral stickers for a women's wine glass, and for a man’s, some more rigorous designs (a bow tie figure, for example) are suitable.


Soak up the colors of the vessels in the style of the whole celebration: if you have a red dress and the groom is dressed in a bright blue suit, then the decoration of the glasses in these colors will give the holiday even more refinement.


Satin ribbon, feathers and flowers decor

Satin ribbon is a very versatile material for creativity. From it you can make a bow, a flower of any complexity, embroider an angel figure and so on.

In the design of glasses for a wedding satin ribbons play a significant role. In an ensemble with pearls and pebbles of different colors, the atlas looks very tender.


Feathers are also an excellent material that you can use to decorate your own wedding glasses.The game of satin and feathers gives the wine glasses some visual ease, and as if hinting that lovers must learn to fly together.


If the event takes place in the spring, bright flowers are relevant in the wedding paraphernalia. They look good in combination with beads and lace.


Sculpting as a way to decorate wedding glasses with their own hands

Polymer clay has long become one of the most popular materials for creativity. From it make earrings, charms, all kinds of interior items.

Wedding glasses were also popular - from polymeric clay for decor of wine glasses you can create the most incredible figures - from flowers to little people, from miniature beads to large sea stars.


As you can see, polymer clay gives vent to your imagination, and decorating glasses for a wedding can be an exciting activity.

Dot painting

Spot painting is not just the hardest work, it's also an exciting journey into the world of delicate taste. An excellent choice for young people who like festive conciseness. In combination with glued small pearls, the bitmap becomes an exquisite decoration of the lovers' table.


But such color drawings on wedding glasses are able to present the celebration in a completely new light.


Decoupage of wedding glasses

Another interesting technique that allows you to quickly decorate champagne glasses for a wedding is decoupage, in other words, the transfer of a pattern from paper (originally napkins) to a product. Today decoupage has no strict boundaries, and includes gluing not only paper stencils, but also beads, pieces of fabric and other materials.

The preparation for decoupage can be bought in a shop for hobbies and creativity, or done with your own hands.


Most often, the decoupage of glasses for a wedding is carried out in combination with other technicians. The result - your unique masterpiece, creating an atmosphere of celebration and happiness.


How to decorate glasses with your own hands using decoupage technique

It is not as difficult as it may seem. Arm yourself with all the necessary materials and follow our instructions.

This simple master class will help you to make champagne glasses for your wedding.

So, we need the following materials:

  • Wineglass.
  • Alcohol.
  • Cotton pads.
  • Rice paper is white.
  • Water.
  • Napkin with floral motifs (you can choose any other).
  • Special adhesive for decoupage.
  • Varnish is vitreous.
  • Contour to create pearls.
  • Masking tape, width - 2 cm.
  • Crystal paste.
  • Strong hold hairspray.
  • Rhinestones.


  • Fan brush.
  • Flat brush.
  • Scissors.
  • Palette knife.


Decoupage wedding glasses decor: step-by-step master class

  1. In high-quality work, the main thing is a perfectly clean surface. The fact that the vessel is new is not enough. Wash the glasses with detergent in hot water, wipe dry, then treat the entire outer surface with alcohol - this allows you to thoroughly degrease it for further work.
  2. Cover the circumference of the glass from the top with masking tape - this is done so that you can drink champagne from a wine glass without touching your lips with decorative elements, paints and varnish.
  3. Rice paper wrap the bowl with an overlap on the foot about half a centimeter. Plain rice paper to the glass will help ordinary water and brush.
  4. Smooth the rice paper over the surface of the vessel, get rid of the excess on the leg - when wet, the paper is quite elastic, so working with it is easy.


  1. Apply glue to the wet rice paper for decoupage, use a flat brush - with it you can evenly spread the glue all overof the paper surface. Leave the glass to dry.
  2. In the meantime, cut the flowers from the prepared napkin. Ready cuttings should be properly covered with hairspray - do it three times, with a break for drying. The coating of the workpiece with varnish contributes to the fact that it will be easier to work with cuttings later on.


  1. When the tenderloin has dried, attach it to the vessel, and gradually apply a brush with the brush on the drawing of the decoupage glue - move small strokes from the center of the picture to its edges.
  2. When the glue is completely dry, apply a glassy lacquer on the surface of the wine glass, and leave to dry.
  3. So, the upper part of the glass is ready for us, it remains to decorate the leg. This will help us crystal paste - palette knife carefully apply it on the entire surface of the legs.
  4. Allow the lacquer and paste to dry completely, then proceed to decorate the leg with rhinestones - just glue them on a special glue, or use the paint for it - with it you can simulate pearls.
  5. Remove the paint tape - the decoupage of the wedding glass is finished. Now you can make a second glass using the same technique.


As you can see, the creation of holiday attributes is a creative task that even those who have never done such things can do. If you have the time and desire, stock up with a variety of materials - and then masterpieces will be born in your hands.

See how else you can decorate wedding glasses using decoupage technique. In addition to glasses for the bride and groom, you can also decorate dishes for guests.

These cute glasses for bridesmaids will be the original solution for your event.


Male guests also will not remain deprived - glasses for drinks can be decorated like this.


Such pictures can be painted or cut out from comics, if you have such ones.


As materials for decoration of wedding glasses, you can use your own photos or beautiful fabrics. Whatever your choice - the glasses for the wedding will be unique.


We wish you a fabulous celebration and great love!

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