How to decorate the house for the New Year to surprise and delight everyone? (24 pictures)

Here the next year is coming to an end, the festive atmosphere of bustle and joy is already felt, shop windows are shimmering with beautiful tinsel, even the office premises have been decorated for a long time, and people are buying tangerines, champagne and, of course, look at Christmas trees and Christmas tree decorations, because Every home should also have a festive atmosphere.

Preparing for the holiday should be in advance

But then you understand that everything is somehow fed up, you want something new and unusual, especially since on the eve of the holiday there are always awakened feelings of beauty, creative impulses are seething, but fantasy is a bit lacking.

In such a fabulous and beautiful holiday, you want to feel yourself not at home, but in what solemn and New Year's castle, which all shimmer and boast of their incredibly bright and, of course, characteristic for the new year, decor.

The most important rule - do not decorate the house according to the principle “the more, the better”, otherwise you risk not being in a pleasant festive atmosphere, but rather in a weeping nest.Less is better, but unique and fabulous.

In order to get the most out of the New Year's atmosphere, to feel this mood and state, turn on thematic music, watch the New Year's films, at the same time, maybe, and some ideas to attract.

Discuss with your family what kind of jewelry your family would like to see, and it’s better to do everything together, then there will be more ideas and much more fun and reliable.

It is important to create a festive mood

To accurately hold on to the New Year's theme, resort to using the primary colors - blue, red, green, gold and silver. Combining them, as well as adding new and bright colors, you will definitely get stylish and beautiful Christmas decorations, and adding new colors will help to translate new, exotic ideas.

To arrange your soul a real holiday, you need to decorate the house in advance for the New Year, it is easy to do with help, seemingly such standard, but at the same time original things: festive wreaths, colorful balls and lights, brilliant rain and tinsel.

Great table decoration

Think over all the rooms that you have, each should sparkle with its beauty and mood, do not forget about the festive feast, it should also have a thematic focus.

Where do we start? Of course, from the Christmas tree!

When the house is finally even still unpainted and unpacked live Christmas tree, the apartment is filled with specific and very native aromas of pine needles, which immediately create a festive feeling. This forest beauty can make even an adult rejoice at the New Year's holiday as a child, for this it is necessary to decorate it with the whole family, this is the main rule!

American style

You can decorate the tree in a particular style or in a specific color scheme - blue, red, silver or gold - these are the primary colors for this action.

But it may seem boring to some people, they are the same balls and the same tinsel, that's why a variety of toys, bumps, candies, even New Year's baked goods can be used in this business, which can be made in the form of angels or fir-trees; in general, what you want.

You can make Christmas-tree toys with your own hands, using paper, origami technique, bright glitter and varnish, such decorations will look very unusual and colorful for such a holiday.

This is an indispensable attribute of the New Year.

In addition to the main New Year's beauty, her little assistants can live at home, which can also be done on their own, or you can buy them in stores. They can be placed on window sills, on coffee tables or bookshelves.

These Christmas trees can be made from colored cardboard, from tinsel and wire, or you can make them edible - the gingerbread tree, which is usually baked a few days before the celebration, is decorated with various edible decorations, and then solemnly eaten at the holiday table.

Spruce branches, tinsel, fantasy and other parts of the apartment

It is easy to make home decoration with your own hands, especially if it concerns such a wonderful holiday, use your imagination, do not hesitate to follow it or use the help of photo ideas of the New Year's design, there are a lot of them now on the Internet.

Accessories look awesome

Get a few spruce branches, they can be used for almost any space. They will look particularly advantageous in the hallway, they can decorate the mezzanine, hang on the doors of the cabinets and above the mirror.

They, of course, will need to be decorated - with the help of toys, shiny bows, bells, tinsel and rain, special craftsmen can hang cinnamon sticks, dried fruit, do not forget about artificial snow. It can be made independently with the help of cotton wool, but artificial snow in cans also looks very interesting.

The same spruce paws can be on the kitchen or living room lockers, spruce branches laid out between the windows on the window look very original, if there is no such possibility, they can simply be spread out on the windowsill without forgetting to decorate.

You can make jewelry with your own hands.

There, on the window, you can arrange the candlesticks with candles, well, what a New Year without these mysterious rays of light? Symbolically look floating candles in a beautiful bowl filled with water, it can also be decorated with fir paws, tinsel or cones.

Candles can be placed on a fireplace or on tables, the main thing is to avoid places where they can come in contact with fire with a tree or tinsel, after all it is very flammable.

Snowflakes, garlands and other attributes

What else, as well as possible, describes the approach of the holiday? Of course, all sorts of colored and monophonic garlands, glass toys of various shapes and sizes, snowflakes and figurines of New Year's heroes, which must necessarily settle in the house for the New Year.

The perfect solution for a holiday

In addition, with all these elements there are no problems now, in the shops tons of fascinating New Year's themes are sold. By the way, the first glass Christmas ball appeared only in the XIX century, which symbolized the apple.

Before that, instead of toys, they mostly used edible gifts of nature: fruits, nuts and all kinds of sweets. Choose Christmas decorations that match the tone of your home decor. For example, transparent glass vases can be filled with gold and silver balls of various sizes, and for the beauty, you can also send a pair of cones.

Cute holiday composition

But colorful garlands can be hung anywhere, they everywhere create a special atmosphere and comfort - on the Christmas tree, on the windows, and they can be laid out in the form of some kind of New Year symbol, also rain-shaped garlands look very original, many more iridescent lights fall.

Do not forget about snowflakes, if you do not want to cut them yourself, then in the shops you can buy ready-made and glued options. Imagine, do not be lazy and then your house will turn into a real New Year's dream!

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