How to cook kharcho?

Kharcho soup is one of the main dishes for Georgian cuisine. Among its features is the fact that it turns out to be quite sharp, since it is made on the basis of tklapi with hops-suneli and other spices. Tklapi is an indispensable acid base for soup, in which the rest of its ingredients are put. Also, grated walnuts and beef should not be replaced. Despite this, some cooks and housewives are still trying to make kharcho based on tkemali sauce, tomato, tomato paste, pomegranate juice or cherry plum.

How to cook Kharcho soup: the ingredients of the soup

In order to cook real Georgian kharcho, you need about 0.5 kg of beef, you can in the form of fillet or on the bone, 0.2 kg of rice, 0.1 kg of walnuts, two or three onions and 0.4 kg of ripe red tomatoes any variety or tomato paste. In addition, you will need three cloves of garlic, two tsp. hops-suneli, five peas black pepper, bay leaf and one tsp. red pepper. All the greens - dill, cilantro and parsley - to taste. Also do not forget about salt.

Sour base for soup - a separate problem.Tklapi is rarely found on the shelves of shops and supermarkets, and it’s impossible to cook it yourself for those who do not live in the Caucasus. This is due to the fact that the tkalpi includes tkemali, a plum variety that grows only in the countries of the Caucasus. Therefore, to cook kharcho soup, tklapi can be replaced with 0.15 kg of satsebeli or tkemali sauce.

There is a stereotype that only mutton meat is put into kharcho. This is not at all the case: this soup is often made from beef, and lamb is just a substitute for it. In general, poultry and beef are the most popular in Georgia. In turn, rice can be any, the main thing is not fine-grained grits.

Cooking broth

First of all, for boiling the broth, you need to separate the meat from the bones and clear of thin films. Cut it into pieces of small size, cut rely across the fibers - so it will boil down better and will not be too hard. Put the pieces of meat in a pot of about 2.5 liters and fill it with cold salted water. Put the pot on a medium heat, and when the water starts to boil, turn it down to such an extent that the contents of the pan gurgle slightly.So cook the meat for about two hours, periodically removing the foam - anyone who knows how to make beef kharcho confirms this. Do not cover the container with a lid, and half an hour before cooking is over, throw parsley or celery into it. At the same stage, you can salt to your own taste, if you think that the broth is not enough salt.

If you do not have time to remove the foam, and it was at the bottom of the pan, add cold water to the container - about one glass - and make the fire stronger. As soon as the cooled water boils again, the sediment will rise to the surface, where you will collect it.

The first method of cooking kharcho

There are several versions of recipes, of which for everyone there is a separate sequence of laying components into the broth. One of them - 15 minutes before the end of cooking, wash the rice and pour it into the pan, add the cubed potatoes, hops-suneli, nuts, chopped onion, bay leaf, pepper and tomato sauce to the broth. Onions should be roasted, and nuts - chopped with a knife or blender. Squeeze the garlic into the broth and boil it until the potatoes are completely cooked, allowing the soup to additionally brew under a closed lid for two minutes.This recipe is the closest to how to cook kharcho soup, and it is they who are used by cooks in most canteens and restaurants in the world. If possible, replace tomato paste with real ripe tomatoes. Remove the peel from them: making a shallow incision crosswise, fold them into one container and cover with boiling water so that the vegetables are completely covered with water. Within a minute you will be able to easily peel them off.

The second method of cooking soup kharcho

There is a second method of cooking. Do not add rice to cooked broth, but remove meat and bones from it. Cut the onion into small pieces and throw it in a heated frying pan with vegetable oil. Fry the onion over low heat so that it remains soft. Throw boiled meat from the pan into the pan and fry it for about 5 minutes. Reduce the heat, add to the onions and meat a few tablespoons of broth and close all the lid. Optionally, the broth can be replaced with the same amount of ordinary water. To cook the lamb, pork or beef kharcho, simmer the meat for a quarter of an hour. Ten minutes before the fire is finished, add sliced ​​or diced tomatoes into the pan and mix all its contents.

Again, put the broth on the fire, and before it boils, put the meat, tomatoes and onions in it. After five minutes, throw the spices in the soup: black pepper, hops-suneli, bay leaf. If you plan to use chilli pepper, put only its small lobule. In the Georgian cuisine, despite the predilection of Caucasians for hot spices, red pepper is used extremely rarely. In order not to violate the authenticity of the recipe, it is better to use only the ingredients that are very popular in Georgia.

A few minutes before cooking, throw the greens in the soup: coriander, parsley and dill, and squeeze the juice of garlic. Do not eat cilantro, if you have never come across it - it will give the soup a rather specific taste, which you may not have to taste. Just sprinkle the dish with it before serving. So you can cook kharcho of pork or other meats. Finally, let the soup stand. Consider that the recipes above are basic, and the taste of the soup can be varied at will, experimenting during cooking.

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