How to convince the boss to raise wages?


In the XXI century, to remain calm and peace of mind, enjoying the riddles of the surrounding world, it is almost impossible. In countries located in the territory of the post-Soviet space, a difficult financial situation has developed-the economic crisis. The cost of clothing, food and other important products is growing in a geometric projection, while the wages of most workers remain identical. It is not surprising that people have to save, radically changing their lifestyle. If before the family could afford to live in comfortable conditions, annually visiting tourist resorts, then today none of the household members think about trips. Perceptibly, the residents of Russia are beating the “pocket” of a variety of government obligations, in accordance with which people are forced to pay rent, education and medical facilities. In this situation, citizens of the country can only emigrate to other countries or significantly improve their living standards.


The few options that allow you to change the current state of affairs - to get a high-paying job, to open your own company, to get a job promotion or to ask for wage increases. However, most people do not have the financial resources to develop their business, and enterprises are more likely to cut staff than offer new vacancies. The only way to correct the situation, returning to the usual life - to convince the boss to raise the salary, correctly asking the boss a question and selecting a number of weighty arguments in advance. It is important to remember that subordination at work becomes an integral component on the way to the cherished goal, so decisions are recommended to be made solely on the “cold” head. A carefully planned psychological defense that does not allow the manager's questions to break your confidence in your own strength is another important component. However, few employees are able to correctly choose the arguments, having built a conversation with the chief. It is not surprising that a natural question arises for workers: How to convince a boss to raise wages?

How to convince the boss to raise wages?

Preparing for a fateful conversation

You can not go on a fateful conversation with the head, guided solely by emotions and the thirst for money. It is important to learn to control yourself, getting rid of extraneous thoughts and negative energy. A constructive monologue in which an employee correctly argues his arguments and presents his own professional skills is “doomed” to success. However, the desired dialogue, designed to achieve the cherished goal, can take place only if the worker is thoroughly prepared for the upcoming conversation. To prevent adverse scenarios and predict possible questions from the boss, follow these guidelines:

It is of paramount importance to clarify the situation and the current financial situation of the company, knowing the level of profitability of the enterprise. If the firm is in crisis "condition", risking to go broke, then the salary increase is not in question. If the holding is thriving, then it is recommended not to postpone the conversation in a “long box”.
Learn the characteristics of behavior and the nature of the person on which the increase in your wages directly depends.In the process of dialogue with the leader you will be able to apply invaluable knowledge. If the boss starts to move away, then you will have a chance to return him to the conversation, touching on an interesting topic to the head. Compare your progress on the career ladder with the successes of his favorite football club, demonstrating the need for regular encouragement of professional players by management.
Take the time to study the level of inflation in the region, familiarizing yourself with the average salary of professionals in your profile. If you can give the head of the proof that the masters with your qualifications receive relatively large sums of money, you will noticeably transfer the scales to your advantage.
Decide on the day and time when you decide on a fateful dialogue with the leader. Psychologists are advised to start a conversation about raising wages in 2-3 hours after lunch, so that the chief had time to rest and return to the working schedule. Choose a day when the boss has little worries and good mood. Such factors will contribute to the successful completion of the contract.
If you received offers from a competitor company, then the time has come to request a salary increase to your superiors.If the boss really appreciates your professionalism, he will prefer to leave the employee at the enterprise, having accepted the conditions of a qualified specialist.
Starting a conversation with a manager is only necessary in private, taking care that colleagues are not around. Chamber conversation allows both parties to remain with each other as honest as possible, without being distracted by the public. The opinion of the collective at the moment of a fateful dialogue is a stumbling block that can interfere with the fulfillment of your desires.

If you believe the statistical testimony, over 51% of employed Russians applied to the leadership with a request to raise wages

Belief in yourself is an integral component of success, which the employee initially hopes for. If you tell a supervisor a true story or give true facts as arguments, then the words will sound natural and convincing. An experienced chef will surely feel the insincerity and mercantile spirit of the employee’s intentions if he doesn’t satisfy the employee’s requirements. To expect a salary increase, you really need to match the created image.

How to convince the boss to raise wages?

How to behave during a conversation with the chef?

An employee who has worked for a company for a long time is a priority candidate for salary increases. Talented workers who increase the level of productivity in the enterprise can also try their luck by knocking on the boss's office. Enlisting authority and respect among colleagues, you have the necessary support, pushing on a fateful conversation with the boss. However, to start a conversation with a manager without preparing for a dialogue in advance is an inexpedient decision that puts your position in the eyes of the boss at risk. It is important to adhere to uncomplicated recommendations that will help to build a conversation with the boss:

Make a plan for the upcoming actions, starting a dialogue with the boss with a small presentation of his own person. Tell the boss about your personal characteristics and skills that benefit the enterprise. You need to start a conversation about you, as a high-level specialist, only if the boss is not familiar with the biography of the employee.
Start a conversation with a manager as a partner interested in increasing company productivity.Your request for a pay raise should sound like a commercial offer or a profitable financial investment. We can not allow the chief impression about you, as a "beggar" or "extortionist."
At the moment of voicing your proposal, name the amount you expect to receive after the conversation. The above figure should clearly correspond to the professional characteristics and the average salary level of your profile specialists. Do not try to "squeeze" out of the successfully developing dialogue to the maximum - go to the boss with a specific goal.
Prepare yourself in advance for questions that may appear in the head during your monologue. Do not let the manager take you by surprise, having doubted the sincerity of the intentions and truthfulness of the words spoken by the employee.
Using concrete examples, tell the boss about your plans, with the help of which you will be able to take the company to a relatively new professional level. The boss should want to be part of your projects, trusting an eloquent employee.
End the conversation, approaching the boss to make a long-awaited verdict, preferably by comparing the advantages and disadvantages that accompany your pay rise.What can a manager expect if he increases his salary? What are the risks of a company increasing its spending budget? The advantages must override the disadvantages in order to complete the dialogue on a positive “note”.

The results of a social survey show that 57% of male workers and 45% of girls are asking for a salary increase. Interestingly, among guys the cherished goal is achieved by 29% of applicants, and among women - 32%

However, it is pointless to wait for a salary increase if you could not convince your bosses of your need for an enterprise. If you give insufficiently weighty arguments or choose the wrong time, it is inappropriate to rely on the fulfillment of the cherished dream. You need to be completely confident in your own strength, going to a fateful conversation with the boss. There should be no professional “sins” behind the applicant for a career heights, so that the manager could not catch you in irresponsibility, theft or other atrocities.

How to convince the boss to raise wages?

We can not allow the boss to doubt you. During the conversation, the chief must have a clear feeling that the company needs such a valuable employee who needs to raise his salary.

Common mistakes of employees

Some employees, obsessed with the goal of increasing wages, exert psychological pressure on the leadership, trying to convince the authorities of their own right. Such behavior of people "stirs up" conflicts at work, jeopardizes the authority of the boss and is in the majority of cases completely immoral. However, desperate employees who want to change their way of life are decided on cardinal measures, making foolhardy acts. Leaders of well-known holdings and corporations with world names shared with the public the common mistakes that employees allow in the process of talking with their superiors:

Desperate workers decide to blackmail the boss in order to achieve a treasured result. Some employees for a long time collect dirt on the head, using an evidence base for selfish purposes. However, only a few workers think about the consequences of the committed action, unleashing a “war” with their own boss. If, as a result of blackmail, the boss goes on about the employee, he will lose his credibility among his colleagues.It is not surprising that managers prefer to share with the public unpleasant facts from their biography than to indulge an attacker who was dismissed from work the next day.
Self-doubt is a typical mistake of employees going to the boss to ask for a pay raise. Managers are surprised by the unpreparedness of an employee who tries to argue his own worth. If you do not know what to say about your professional skills, it is preferable to keep silent about them. A conversation with the boss can only worsen the current state of affairs, because the manager will see in front of him a weakly short-sighted employee who is unable to convince the authorities of the need for their services for the company.
Some employees decide to achieve the desired result by any possible means, going on an inglorious journey through the "heads" of colleagues. At the time of the conversation with the boss, such a person praises his professional skills at the expense of other employees' mistakes. However, if a colleague did not have time to complete the tasks on time, and you did your task, he will receive a penalty, and you will be verbally praised by the supervisor about any wage increase, humiliating your workmates.Employees who decide to take such a step are not aware of the scale of their action - it’s comfortable to work in a team after denunciation to colleagues will fail. The only way out in this situation is to quit, having gone in search of a new job.
Sly employees who do not have enough professional skills prefer to appeal to the inner world of the manager. Workers tell the boss stories about hungry children and an unhappy family in dire need of money. To save poor households can only omnipotent chef, raising the salary of a single breadwinner. However, such heartbreaking monologues rarely affect a boss who has heard such stories many times before. In most cases, the employee simply embellishes the current state of affairs, causing pity in the manager.
In a conversation with the boss, many workers prefer to give a special place to money, regularly reminding the chief about the increase in wages. The boss notices the exceptional mercantile spirit of the person, without considering the employee’s desire to bring benefits to the company. Desperate employees forget that it is important for the boss to see the desire and professionalism of the “wards”, and not to be content with a thirst for money.

Only diligent employees who regularly carry out their work for a long period of time can apply for a salary increase.

It is inappropriate to go to a conversation with the boss, experiencing negative emotions and despair. Only reasonableness, convincing arguments and positive thinking, inherent in a self-sufficient person, can help in building a dialogue with the boss. It is important that in the course of the conversation you remain extremely correct, without becoming personal. Do not cite any of your colleagues as an example; focus on your own professional skills. Your main task is to achieve a salary increase while maintaining self-esteem and respect from the boss. After the conversation, your chief must not be allowed to think about the dismissal of a weak-willed and desperate employee.

How to convince the boss to raise wages?

The main thing to remember is that the fateful conversation with the authorities should be conducted in a positive mood, casting aside negative thoughts and negative energy. Only a rational approach will help achieve the cherished goal by convincing the management of the expediency of your request.Salary increases should not be your obsession so that any decision made by the boss will be perceived objectively and adequately.

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