How to connect the threads when knitting with needles: weaving knot and nonstop

Every lover of knitting periodically faces a problem called "The thread is over." And then another problem arises: how to connect the threads so that it is neat both from the front side and from the wrong side. Also, masters are looking for ways to join threads, when you need to move from one color to another.

We offer you two interesting ways to help you cope with the above problems.

METHOD1. How to connect the threads when knitting with knitting needles

It is also called an industrial site. The knot turns out very small, one can say miniature, and perfectly combines any yarn.

This method can be used when knitting and crocheting. The connection of the threads is almost negligible and there is no need to leave the ends of the threads, which must then be refilled.

For clarity, here's another video tutorial: how to tie a knot in three ways.

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