How to clean the sterlet before cooking

Sterlet is an elite representative of the sturgeon family. Dishes made from it are a delicacy. The separation and preparation of this type has a number of differences, since the fish has a different structure. It is not completely covered with scales, the spine is missing - it is replaced by cartilage and veins. They are removed during processing. But first things first.

Cutting fresh sturgeon

Knives on the table

For work you will need:

  • Sharp knife.
  • Cutting board.
  • Small capacity.
  • Paper towels.

Gutting Sterlet and Skinning

Rinse the fish under running water. Then, using a knife, cut off the bugs with the skin, the cornified areas of the body without scales, covered with mucus. They are located along the back of the sides. Then, on the abdomen, make a cut from the head to the tail and remove the insides. After that, wash the carcass and blot with a paper towel. Next, from the side of the head, make two cuts through which to pull out the sisig (cartilage). Rinse the skin over with boiling water and remove with a knife. Remove the gills.After all manipulations, rinse treated sterlet in cool running water.


To get the fillet, you need to clear the mucus, scales, skin, insides and ridge. Next, you just need to cut the carcass lengthwise in half and use a prescription.

Features of cutting sterilized sterlet

It is easier to clean the frozen sterlet than the fresh one (the scales lag behind better and the entrails are pulled out easier). First, the scales are removed, the skin, then the insides. A special feature is the removal of cartilage (or ridge). So that it does not break, you will have to wait until the carcass is thawed. Then pull the core through the incisions from the side of the head and tail.

How to remove and use vizigu

As it was said, the spine of the sterlet is absent, and in its place is a cartilage, called a vizig. After removing, it is not worth throwing it away. Can be used in cooking.

It turns out that man eats not the whole ridge for food, but only its outer shell. The "core" is thrown away. Some cooks such a fish "rope" dried, while others make it a filling for pies and more.

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Preparation for cooking


To smoke the sterlet at home, you need to gut the carcass, trim the fins, remove the gills. Wash thoroughly, smear with salt and pepper, leave in the refrigerator for a day.

After a day, rinse with salt water. Dry or blot with a paper towel. Before cooking, grease with vegetable oil. For smoking it is better to use commercially available chips from an apple or pear tree. Cook until golden brown.


Cooking sturgeon soup is simple and pleasant. In boiled water, throw potatoes, chopped onions, carrots. Then put the pieces of fish and greens, let it boil for another 15 minutes. You can add bay leaf and peppercorns. Upon completion of cooking, salt.


Fried fish

To cook in a pan, you will need the following products.

  • 2-3 carcasses of purified sterlet.
  • Sour cream 0.5 cups.
  • Oregano, ground pepper, bay leaf, salt to taste.
  • Some vegetable oil.

Cooking method:

Meat without a ridge, heads and skins, namely fillets, cut into small pieces the size of 5 cm. Fold in a bowl, pour sour cream, add seasonings and spices, mix. Leave for 1 hour. Fry until cooked in butter over low heat.When serving serve, decorate the dish with greens.


Take three sturgeon carcasses. Cut into pieces and put in a suitable dish. Cut onion rings, add seasoning for fish 1 pack. Season with mayonnaise and mix. Leave in a cool place for about 4-5 hours. After that, the pickled pieces are laid out on a grid and fried on a fire or a brazier.


Fish fillet

To obtain lightly salted sterlet, the cleaned carcass is washed, salted, peppered and placed in a refrigerator in a glass bowl for a day. After that, the fish are washed, cut into pieces, poured with oil and decorated with greens and onions.


For roasting, a sterlet fillet is used. Cut it into pieces. Lay on a baking sheet or baking sheet at a short distance from each other. Salt and pepper on top (a little). Slice in long slices fresh red Bulgarian pepper and place on each fish slice. Top with a small amount of mayonnaise and sprinkle with grated cheese. At an average temperature, the dish should be cooked for about 20 minutes.

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How to choose a sterlet? Helpful Tips

When buying, you need to carefully inspect the fish - it should be firm to the touch, have a fresh smell, the eyes should be transparent, and the gills - dark red.

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The dish, where sturgeon is used, can be tasted not only in a restaurant. Using the listed tips, cook yourself. Each recipe is interesting in its own way. The most important thing in cooking is to put your soul and good mood.

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