How to clean squid and cook them tasty in two minutes

Squidsare cephalopods that inhabit almost all the seas of the earth. At present, domestic stores can buy mostly mollusks from the Far Eastern seas. The most common and delicious is Pacific squid. The length of his body without a head and tentacles is from 20 to 35 cm. The value of this species is in its high content of protein and other useful substances. In addition to this species, the Commander Squid also enters the trading network. On average, his body is 10 cm longer than that of the Pacific. Less in it and protein, but more water. Due to this, its meat is more tender after heat treatment. Southern types of squid are larger, meat has a specific flavor in many. On sale they are less common than the Pacific and Commander squid. In the trading network you can find a very light fillet of squid.If there is no information on the package that the fillet is cooked in the sea, you should not buy such a product. As a rule, the caught squid is frozen and sent for processing to China. There the mollusk is thawed, filleted, bleached and frozen again. For use in home cooking, it is preferable to cut and clean the squid yourself.

How to clean the squid quickly

If the squid is purchased with a whole carcass with a head and tentacles, it is first cut. To do this, cut off the head, grope and remove from it a solid "beak." The head itself and the tentacles are not thrown away, it can be used in salads, soups and second courses. From the body of the squid carefully clean the inside. After that, it remains to clean the carcasses from the colored skin. This can be done according to the scheme below. It is more profitable to buy cut up, frozen, but not peeled carcasses of squid.
 How to clean squid and cook them
Before cooking, they need to be thawed at room temperature. After that: 1. From carcasses to get a transparent cartilaginous arrow.This is a rudiment of the inner shell.
 How to clean squid and cook them
2. If there are remnants of the internal organs, they also need to be removed. After that, fold the carcass into a suitable saucepan and pour boiling water on it.
 How to clean squid and cook them
3. The upper skin will be curtailed, it remains only to wash the clam and use it in various dishes.

How to fry a squid in two minutes

Very quickly and you can make fried squid. For one serving of fried squid you need:
  • two peeled squid mantles;
  • 3-4 g of salt;
  • 2 g of black pepper, ground;
  • 30 ml of oil.
1. Cut the cloak of the mollusk on one side and spread it out on the table. Make shallow net cuts. Sprinkle with oil, salt, sprinkle with pepper.
 How to clean squid and cook them
2. After a quarter of an hour, heat the pan without oil. It is convenient to use either a frying pan or a dish with a non-stick coating. 3. Put the squid on the hot pan.First, put it on the side where the cuts are, and after 40 - 50 seconds turn it over to the other side.
 How to clean squid and cook them
More minute fried squids are ready. Shape them and serve with any sauce.
 How to clean squid and cook them

How to quickly cook a simple squid salad

 How to clean squid and cook them For two servings of squid salad you need;

  • 300 g cleaned squid;
  • 70 g mayonnaise;
  • lane u to taste.
1. Purified squid folded in the pan. Pour cold water. Heat to boil. Boil for 1-2 minutes and immediately remove the pan from the heat and immediately remove the cooked mollusk from the hot water.
 How to clean squid and cook them
2. Cut squid into rings.
 How to peel the squid and cook it
3. Add pepper and mayonnaise.Stir and serve.
 How to clean squid and cook them
It should be added that many seafood is quite expensive. Squids - the most budget of them, they are available to most consumers. The taste of these mollusks, properly cooked, is excellent and the dishes from them should be on the family menu.

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