How to choose wireless headphones?

How to choose wireless headphones?Wireless monitors, system blocks, keyboards - it's hard to surprise a modern user. However, forcing him to abandon the use of such convenient gadgets is not easier - freedom of movement, a minimum of wires, in other words, you are only winning. For example, wireless headphones give complete freedom of movement - you can listen to what you want and when you want, without being confused by the numerous wires.


Is it all so “beautiful”? Both yes and no - the absence of wires can not but affect the quality of sound reproduction, therefore a negligent approach to business is fraught with more than predictable wheezing, interference, and other otherworldly noises in sound in the future. Still, wireless headphones are an excellent choice for those people who do not like the wires of conventional devices, limiting freedom of movement. It remains to make the right choice - and enjoy all its benefits.


Let's start with the fact that wireless headphones use several basic types of communication - infrared transmission, radio headphones and Bluetooth channels.Radio headphones do a good job of playing at significant distances (up to 100 m) and can be used, for example, in an apartment, because walls do not affect sound transmission (for examples of models, cost, etc., see / tag / wireless headphones /). Minus radio - numerous interference. IR costs are available and a good sound is transmitted, but the source should be in close proximity. Bluetooth devices are a compromise between headphones that use infrared and radio communications. As for the headset, it represents the same wireless headphones, but with a microphone and a lower sound quality. Therefore, the headset is good for voice communication, but not for listening to music.


So what to choose? The answer to this question can be given only after you decide what is most important for you in devices of this type. If you use headphones at the maximum distance from the signal transmitter, pay attention to the radio model. Interested in maximum sound quality? Then it is better to choose between infrared and bluetooth.Of course, do not forget about the appearance of the headphones - it should match your style as a whole.

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