How to choose the right pineapple?

How to choose the right pineapple

How to choose the right pineapple

Such a tasty and healthy fruit has already become one of the favorite among Russian buyers, since there is practically no holiday table that would be so exotic without this product. Pineapples are eaten fresh, and they are bought in banks, something due to corn or peas. They are stored in a sweet sauce, which allows you to save all the useful qualities of the product. The special taste of pineapple will not make anyone feel indifferent to this product. Many do not dare to buy it because they do not know enough about it. We will try to explain as much as possible to you all the secrets of choosing pineapple. When you ask yourself the question: "How to choose pineapple?".


Like all other fruits, pineapple should look beautiful. Taste will also depend heavily on its appearance. First try to pay attention to the tops. If the pineapple is kind and ripe, then it should be very thick and green. Leaves should be slightly dried.If they are not easy to pry, the pineapple is not ripe enough. If you want to decorate your table with such a beautiful fruit, then when you choose, pat a long pineapple. So you can determine how ripe this fruit is. You can compare this choice with the choice of watermelon. Slap your skin and listen for the sounds that this action produces. If the sound is deaf enough, then this means that the pineapple is already ripe and ready to eat. Overripe fruit will answer you with a slightly empty sound. Pay attention to this, so as not to be mistaken, buying is not of good quality. The appearance of dark spots may also indicate the poor quality of the pineapple. Green peel is not a fact that the pineapple is not yet ripe, you should not be afraid. It can be completely ready for use, even if the peel is still very firm and green. The crust should be a bit soft, but at the time resilient. Pineapple, unprepared for eating, has a hard pelt, hard enough that it can not be pierced with nails.



How to choose pineapple by its smell?






If you have a good sense of smell, then you can use it for your own purposes, for example, you can determine if the pineapple is ready to eat.If you feel sweet and tender aroma, then this fruit can be considered ripe. If the aroma is not so intense, then, most likely, it has already perepsel, the fermentation process has begun in it, because the aroma is no longer so strong.


The price of pineapple will also be very important. A good ripe and tasty pineapple is delivered to the shelves in the shortest possible time, so they will be much more expensive than those that were harvested very young and delivered by sea for a long time. This method is much cheaper, but it is displayed on the price. Cheap pineapples, which are devoid of many flavor characteristics, can be a bit bitter. That's almost all the features that you need to pay attention to when choosing pineapple. In time, experience will come to you, and choosing a good pineapple for you will not be a problem.

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